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"GraSole" - 🇱🇹 herbal food supplements, innovative teas, various mixtures for preparing cocktails and natural cosmetics are produced in Lithuania.

Our goal is to foster a healthier society, help people feel better, have more energy and joy in life. 

 "GraSole" - the link between nature and man - a new generation
a healthy lifestyle brand - effects proven by research - high-quality components (herbs, mushrooms, lichens, superfoods and other plant parts) - in a form convenient for consumption - the latest technologies allow preserving all the active and nutritional properties of the plant. 

 "GraSole" products - feeling of lightness, stronger immunity, healthy and clean skin, body cleansing, peaceful sleep. 


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Introduction: In the world of natural health supplements, mastic emerges as a hidden gem, offering various benefits to the human body. This supplement is extracted from the resin of the...

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Golden Mummy Shilajit: A natural source of health

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