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Raw Food - Winter Dishes (EN)

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With this e - book
I would like to introduce you to raw food preparation and recipes, from which you can find your favorites and which will encourage your creativity. In this book, I believe, you will find the answer to the question that has been bothering you – what to eat in winter time.

Advent and Christmas are strongly associated with enigmatic, mysterious anticipation. It is a calm and peaceful time when we dream and make future plans, as Christmas indicates a new beginning. Perhaps we all make New Year’s resolutions – take
language courses, learn new dances, spend more time with children, start exercising, eat healthier, etc. I suggest making the first step now and with the help of this book start making changes for healthier living. After all, we can say that being healthy, energetic and enjoying life is one of our biggest dreams.

I am fascinated by the new nutritional approach of the 21st century that suggests eliminating from our diet cooked foods, sugar, flour and other processed products and recommends eating uncooked, natural food, just the way nature has intended.

 Gražina Gum

is a medic who studied art criticism,
she is the author of the Lithuanian
project “Raw nutrition”, the founder
of a raw food bar “Raw42”, and the
specialist of raw nutrition, who also
delivers courses on raw cooking,
organizes training camps and gives