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Gout is a gouty disease.

Gout gout has long been called a "gentleman's disease". It was the well-to-do who could eat full and fat. Gout is a chronic metabolic disease in which the amount of...


gout has long been called a "gentleman's disease". It was the well-to-do who could eat full and fat.

Gout is a chronic metabolic disease in which the amount of uric acid in the blood and other body fluids increases significantly. What is characteristic of this disease? How to facilitate its progress? What is most important for the prevention of this disease? Gediminas URBONAS, a family physician at Kaunas Medical University Clinics, told about it.

Gout is a gouty disease.

This rheumatic disease creeps up slowly and unexpectedly. More often, she visits those who like to eat tasty, fatty and plentiful meals, often drinking beer, vodka or brandy. However, this is not a rule, sometimes the tendency to suffer from this disease is transmitted genetically. Even those who eat right, rarely consume alcoholic beverages, etc., can get gout.
According to specialists, the disease is caused by an excess of poisonous substances - purines, which cause inflammation of the joints (accumulated uric acid enters the fluid of the joint of the first toe and crystallizes there).
Why does gout have so much to do with the food we eat? The answer is simple. Because most animal-based foods, such as pork, bacon, dark beer, vodka, etc., contain purines. It is this substance, as already mentioned, that transforms into uric acid, which later causes health problems.

Proper nutrition is the most important disease prevention

Gout is a gouty disease.
Excess uric acid increases the risk of arterial blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, gallstones.

It is especially dangerous that excess acid can cause inflammation of the kidneys - nephritis.
In order to avoid all the listed health disorders, it is necessary to change old life habits as soon as possible and responsibly.

It's not easy, but it's worth the effort for your health.

First of all, reduce or even completely avoid fatty meats and alcoholic beverages. Forget the taste of beer, because you can't drink it with gout. Why? Beer is high in purines.

You should also avoid chicken, pork or turkey liver, strong broths, canned, processed food.

Instead of acidifying coffee, choose plant-based, energy-giving Detox Tea and Energy Tea. These teas not only provide healthy, long-lasting energy, do not cause anxiety like coffee, but also eliminate the symptoms of a bloated stomach, reduce the need for sweets, nourish and improve blood circulation in the brain and the whole body. Has memory enhancing properties. This is a new generation of functional teas. Which have healing, antioxidant, body-rejuvenating plant properties. Contains herbs such as matcha, chaga mushroom, ginkgo biloba and more.

Gout is a gouty disease.

And what products should be eaten more?
These are various vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains. As many green fruits and vegetables as possible, because then the body's acidic reaction will become alkaline and uric acid will not accumulate. By the way, fruits reduce the amount of purines and help prevent seizures. The good news is that you can limit the spices.
The rule of thumb to fight this disease: drink as much water as possible and follow a diet. from

Gout is a gouty disease.

We also recommend drinking body alkalizing mixtures, such as "Elixir" and anti-parasitic "Verminus" Drink "DETOX TEA" tea. is It will help you get rid of coffee addiction, which makes the body extremely acidic. Removes minerals, removes calcium..

However, if you have a goal - especially to clean, restore, strengthen the body - then the "RESTART BOX" program would be suitable for you. All necessary supplements together with instructions and two electronic books of alkaline nutrition recipes. you can find all products and programs at e.krautuvej

Gout is a gouty disease.

And apply alkaline nutrition dishes, the recipes of which can be found in the electronic book "7-day super detox nutrition program" . You will find suitable books in bookstores. Recipes and useful tips on how to help alkalize and restore the body with the help of food in the new printed book "Super Health", "3-day super detox" nutrition program", drink alkaline cocktails with recipes from the book "3 Day Cocktail Program". NUTRITION IS A POWERFUL FORCE THAT CAN ILLNESS AND HEAL.


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