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A cold. Celiac disease. How do intestinal villi affect our health?

How do intestinal villi affect our health? Most of us have not heard and have no idea how our digestive system really works, what its composition is and what functions...

How do intestinal villi affect our health?

Most of us have not heard and have no idea how our digestive system really works, what its composition is and what functions the different parts of the intestine perform. Will you say I'm wrong?

Can many of you tell us what intestinal villi are and how important they are to our body? It would seem really strange that these small growths of the small intestine are where nutrients are absorbed... But it's true!

The gills are nutrient absorbers

The entire surface of the small intestine is covered with villi in order to increase its surface area and allow it to absorb as much nutrients as possible - this is a very important feature of the mucosal structure.

Under a microscope, the inner surface of the intestine resembles a forest. These are the villi, the height of which reaches only 1 mm. A tangled network of capillaries and lymphatic vessels is inside the nodules.

Gaureli are able to absorb fatty acids, glycerol, amino acids and glucose. Digested parts of proteins and carbohydrates are resorbed through their blood vessels, and digested fats are absorbed through the lymphatic duct. The villi, protruding to the surface of the mucous membrane, greatly increase the total absorption area of ​​the intestine, which is needed to absorb nutrients into the blood and lymph

When we eat too many floury, sugary, starchy dishes, fried, canned food disrupts the normal functioning of the intestines. Gaurelii no longer fully fulfills its function. Then the body begins to feel constant hunger. when there is no complete food, there is no complete absorption - the body simply lacks nutrients.

it was no longer necessary, it is said - clean intestines - strong immunity. If we maintain the internal cleanliness of the body, we can avoid various ailments; obesity, colds, even so-called "incurable diseases".

A cold. Celiac disease. How intestinal villi work our

It is very favorable to use products that have an antiseptic effect. They are also called "natural antibiotics". These would be; ginger, cayenne, garlic, onions, horseradish, mustard, black pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon. Let's use them especially more in the cold season and in case of cold symptoms and diseases. It is also favorable use herbal blends of antiseptic spices and herbs to help cleanse.

Many people have noticed that after detoxification, the body recovers, has more energy, although we eat much less, but consume much less, because the food is nutritious. The right food nourishes the body. Therefore, let's not forget to do a detoxification course regularly every three to six months.

Diseases and complications

Celiac disease is rarely talked about, even though it is a fairly common disease. It is estimated that approximately one percent of the European population may suffer from this disease.

Celiac disease, or gluten enteropathy, is a chronic disease of the small intestine characterized by mucosal damage caused by the wheat protein gluten or similar proteins in barley and rye, and impaired absorption of nutrients in genetically predisposed individuals.

The grain protein gluten, which is made up of different types of proteins, passes through the intestinal wall and is broken down into acids that provoke the body to fight back.

The newly formed antibodies begin to attack the villi of the small intestine mucosa, which, as we mentioned, are responsible for the absorption of nutrients and vitamins and their entry into the blood. Due to the inflammatory reaction, the villi are unable to perform their function - the villi damaged by celiac disease are destroyed, which disrupts the digestion and absorption of food.

In the chronic form of celiac disease, the intestinal mucosa is damaged, as a result of which the absorption of necessary substances is disturbed. Symptoms of celiac disease: diarrhea, skin rash, fatigue, weight loss, muscle wasting, infertility, stool changes, bone pain.

Proper nutrition is an all-powerful weapon

Many may be surprised to learn that the gluten that causes celiac disease can be found in canned soups, salad dressings, ice cream, instant coffee, meat preservatives, tomato sauce, chocolate bars, mustard, and even yogurt.

People with celiac disease often lack iron, vitamins B12, B, K and other trace elements, so a complete diet is an integral part of strengthening the body. When specialists create a food ration, they take into account the fact that the body needs all nutrients: proteins, fats and carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral salts.

Nutritional norms must meet the energy needs of the body, help the formation of new cells, provide good human performance and resistance to infectious diseases.

However, we must understand that cleansing the body is not only about adjusting the diet. It is equally important to take care of the air we breathe and quality drinking water. Let's also drink more green cocktails, eat green leafy vegetables and drink alkalizing drinks.

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A cold. Celiac disease. How intestinal villi work our


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