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Important symptoms that reveal the main problems of our health

You can understand that you are infected with parasites based on some symptoms. Because parasites secrete toxins, they poison the body and cause general ailments. An infected person feels tired...

Important symptoms that betray about our main
You can understand that you are infected with parasites based on some symptoms. Because parasites secrete toxins, they poison the body and cause general ailments.
An infected person feels tired all the time. It disappears completely for him, his appetite increases sharply, his skin turns pale. A lot of saliva is released at night.
A sick person usually feels discomfort in the stomach, is tormented by the accumulation of gas in the intestines (flatulence), is often constipated or has trouble defecating.
Infected with parasites suffer from muscle and joint pains, allergic reactions, bronchial asthma attacks, itchy rashes appear on the skin. Such people often get sick, are constantly upset, often wake up for 2-3 hours. morning
Skin problems: dry skin, eczema, rash, papules and ulcers;
Mood and anxiety disorders: mood swings, nervousness, depression, forgetfulness, restlessness.
Weight and appetite problems: weight gain, long-term obesity, loss of appetite or uncontrollable hunger, inability to gain or lose weight;

Muscle and joint problems: muscle pain, joint pain, muscle spasms, numbness in hands and/or feet, navel pain, heart pain, and arthritic pain;

Diagnosed anemia due to iron deficiency;

Reproductive problems, PMS, urinary tract infections, cysts and fibroids, menstrual problems, prostate problems, urinary retention.

Last year, 2,260 parasitic diseases were registered in Lithuania. According to specialists, most parasites can live in our body and infect it for years, because they release substances that make the immune system not recognize them.
One worm helps from 10 to 250 thousand. eggs.
Have you eaten undercooked meat? Have you tasted sushi made from stale fish? Have you swam in a pool of questionable cleanliness? The children kissed the cats they met in the garden and loved the dog they met in the neighborhood, and the adults let the stray animals into the house? All of these can lead to intestinal worms.
Parasites love sugar and anything that turns into sugar. So, if you want to get rid of them - give up sugar, white flour products, sweet milk and heavily processed, processed foods.

Important symptoms that betray about our main

"About 75 percent (1,689 cases) of all parasitic diseases is an infection of columnar worms caused by a small worm that can grow up to 10 mm. This disease is most common in children attending kindergartens, because they are very easily infected from each other. Mature worms leave the intestine through the exit hole, usually at night. They release substances that irritate the skin, which makes those areas itchy. In addition, the crawling worms lay eggs, which mature within four hours. Thus, eggs accumulate everywhere - on bedding, clothes, hands that the child scratches.

The symptoms are not special - the child simply becomes irritable because the outlet is constantly irritated, he may not want to eat. If the parents do not notice the problem, the child can be sick for years, as a result of which his physical and mental development is weakened. The treatment of this disease is very simple, but it is very important to pay great attention to hygiene when using medicines: change the bedding, iron it with a hot iron after washing, clean dust often, and wash cloths in 60-degree water. The edges of the bathtub should also be washed with such hot water after bathing the child," said epidemiologist Aušra Bartulienė of the Infectious Diseases and AIDS Center.

Important symptoms that betray about our main

The next most common parasitic disease is ascariasis (240 cases). It is caused by a larger worm that can grow up to 10 cm. It is contracted from dirty fruits, vegetables, hands. First, a small larva is released from the egg, which enters the bloodstream through the intestinal capillaries and begins to migrate - it can travel to the lungs, enters the pharynx and is swallowed a second time by a person. It then develops into an adult worm in the intestine. While the larva is migrating, a dry cough appears, the cause of which cannot be determined. Later, when the worm settles in the intestine, it disappears, but intestinal-related symptoms such as poor appetite, mild diarrhea, skin rashes, allergic reactions may occur. Worms release metabolic products that sensitize the human body.

"A roundworm can live in the human body for 1-1.5 years. In addition, all these parasites are very slippery, they release a lot of eggs. One ascaride can help 250 thousand. eggs, the female of the nest - up to 12 thousand. A distinctive feature of all parasites is that they live at the expense of others. They release certain substances that suppress the body's immune system, so the body does not respond to them. Of course, some of them are recognized as foreign bodies and destroyed, but certainly not all. In addition, due to a suppressed immune system, a person becomes susceptible to other infections and starts to get sick more often.

The tapeworm can be "fished" together with the fish!

Some parasites can grow to impressive lengths in the body. For example, in the last 10 years, 1 pig tapeworm, 6 small tapeworms and 10 fish tapeworms have been identified. The pig tapeworm can grow from 3 to 4 meters, and the fish tapeworm can even grow up to 10 meters. It can be contracted by eating meat or fish containing cysts with a tapeworm head and neck. Fortunately, meat is inspected well enough that such cases are extremely rare today. The bad news is that when you catch a fish, there's a chance you'll catch a tapeworm. Fish tapeworm can live in the body for up to 10 years.

"Although tapeworms are large, they are not so easily caught. They suck out all the nutrients from the intestines, so a person begins to lack them. Therefore, rather vague symptoms appear - a person feels weak, has no appetite, or vice versa, sometimes the appetite increases significantly, he has diarrhea, in certain cases anemia may develop", said A. Bartulienė.
Larvae can travel throughout the body
Another nasty parasitic disease spread by cats and dogs is called toxocariasis. Last year, 61 cases of this disease were registered. The eggs of these approximately 10 cm worms can survive in the environment for up to four years. After swallowing an egg that enters our intestines from contaminated objects - vegetables, fruits, dust that falls on food during picnics, water from open pools, if fruits are washed with it, the larvae first hatch, which enter the bloodstream and travel throughout the body. They can settle in the muscles, go to the heart, eyes and damage these organs. A common symptom is a low temperature of around 37.2 degrees, which makes the body tired enough, a dry cough, especially at night, rather strong allergic reactions. Sometimes this disease even mimics asthma. "A few years ago, children with asthma were studied. It turned out that some of them had toxocarosis," the specialist said.
The interlocutor warned that the causative agents of this disease can also be brought home by well-kept pets, so she did not advise kissing them and letting them eat from their plates, which small children especially like.
Cats are also carriers and spreaders of toxoplasmosis (163 cases have been registered in Lithuania).
A person can become infected with toxoplasmosis by consuming insufficiently heat-treated infected meat (especially pork, lamb, venison), water, fruits and vegetables, as well as food for the preparation of which kitchen tools and environmental surfaces have come into contact with infected raw meat, fruits, and vegetables. Also, a person can become infected by accidental toxoplasmosis agents entering the mouth, while cleaning the cat's litter box, touching environmental objects that have been infected with cat feces, while working in the garden.

The symptoms of the disease are similar to flu: muscle, headache, throat pain, enlarged lymph nodes, fever, general weakness. They last about two weeks. Ocular toxoplasmosis is characterized by eye pain, impaired vision, redness of the eyes, and sometimes tearing. This disease is especially dangerous for pregnant women.
The liver may be irreversibly damaged

Through the capillaries of the intestines, they enter the blood and begin to migrate - to the masticatory, intercostal muscles, diaphragm. The disease is characterized by high temperature, pain, sometimes swelling of the face and eyes, pain in the hands and chest. If the larvae migrate to the heart, dysfunction of this organ occurs. The course of the disease can be very severe, so people should be responsible and check their meat - today it only takes a few hours", advised A. Bartulienė.

"This causes severe damage to the liver. The biggest problem is that it takes 10-20 years for a cyst to grow, so a person does not feel any symptoms of the disease. Only when the bile ducts are clamped does the oozing appear, and an indistinct formation is seen on ultrasound. Treatment is complicated, sometimes surgery is required. And it also happens that so many cysts are formed that it is difficult to remove them even surgically, they can grow into other organs", said the specialist.
According to the interlocutor, although the spreaders of this disease are forest animals, the danger is really great. According to research data, even 57 percent in Suvalkija. infected with foxes. Parasite eggs fall to the ground with feces. "That is why it is dangerous to eat unwashed berries, sorrel or hare cabbage in the forest. Often people are convinced that their garden is also clean, so they do not wash an apple that is not taken from the ground. However, you should know that foxes are very close to homesteads today. They are not afraid of people or machines, and they mark their territory with excrement", warned A. Bartulienė.

So the interviewer strongly advised to follow hygiene. And here, she did not recommend taking anti-worm medicines as a preventive measure, not knowing if they were needed. First of all, these are very strong drugs that have adverse effects on our body. In addition, it has been observed that unnecessary use of these drugs leads to the development of resistance to them, as in the case of antibiotics. If we use them excessively, we simply will not have anything to treat the parasites. If in doubt, it is always better to investigate. Especially since most research is not complicated.


Important symptoms that betray about our main

In order to eliminate them from the body, consume foods and herbs that create a hostile environment for parasites. It is necessary to alkalize the organism, to restore PH - this is an unfavorable environment for the breeding of parasites - protozoa - so drink a herbal, alkalizing ELIXIR . Parasites do not tolerate products such as; Cinnamon, olive leaf extract, paud' arco - bark of five-leaved balsam trees, black walnut, variegated bean bark - bauhinia variegata bark, cardamom, clove, fenugreek, oregano. ( Verminus composition )

wormwood, garlic, ginger, blackberries, green cabbage, aloe, coconut oil, pumpkin seeds, pomegranate seeds and papaya. Eat as much of these foods as possible if you want a healthy gut. An intensive consumption of fiber also helps to get rid of parasites, especially worms.

The herbal mixture "VERMINUS" with a unique composition can also help. It was formerly an "antiparasitic" mixture. It is recommended to use it for at least 21 days. And to keep the intestines clean, a mixture with a lot of fiber and fiber "SHVARA" . You can buy it here

Important symptoms that betray about our main

Antiparasitic products; wormwood, pumpkin and their seeds, rowan berries, cloves, quince juice, bittersweet, etc.
The mixture of "VERMINUS" and "PELYNO KAPSULĖS" with a unique composition can also help. It is recommended to use it for at least 21 days. And to keep the intestines clean, the mixture with a lot of fiber "SHVARA".
You will help the body even more by applying the "7-day Detox nutrition program" together with the products

Important symptoms that betray about our main


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