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NIKOLA TESLA. LAST INTERVIEW. With great respect. Genius! Ahead of time! Nikola Tesla gave this interview to Spirit Egg magazine in 1899. Here are his most interesting moments: Tesla :...

With great respect. Genius! Ahead of time!
Nikola Tesla gave this interview to Spirit Egg magazine in 1899.
Here are his most interesting moments:
Tesla : Yes, I made some very important discoveries and I still lost. I didn't achieve the greatness I could have achieved.
Reporter: What does that mean?
Tesla : I wanted to light up the whole Earth. There is enough electricity to create a second Sun. The light rotates around the equator like a ring around Saturn.
Only humanity is not yet ready for such greatness and goodness. In Colorado Springs, I lit up the ground with electricity. Other types of energy can also be extracted, such as positive mental energy. It is in the music of Bach and Mozart, in the verses of great poets. The Earth itself has within it the energies of Joy, Peace and Love.
The material expression of this energy is flowers, plants that we eat and everything that means a person's connection with nature. For years I have been looking for a way to make this energy more impactful to people. The beauty and aroma of a rose can be used to treat a person, and the sun's rays can be used as food.
Life has infinite forms and it is the part of the explorer to find it in every form of matter. And all I did was search for answers to three questions, and until I find them, I will not give up my search.
Journalist: What are these three questions?
Tesla : One of them has to do with food. How can the energy of the stars or the earth feed the hungry on Earth? What kind of wine can be given to the thirsty so that they can rejoice and remember in their hearts that they are Gods?
Another question is how to destroy the forces of anger and suffering in which human life takes place!
Sometimes evil and suffering appear like an epidemic in the depths of space.
In this age, this disease has spread from Earth to the entire Universe.
And thirdly, I am interested in whether there is an excess of Light in the Universe?
I have found a star that, according to astronomical and mathematical laws, could have disappeared, but it is still in the Galaxy.
Its light is so dense that if compressed it would fit into the sphere of an apple, but would be heavier than our Sun.
Representatives of religion and philosophy claim that a person can become Christ, Buddha, Zarathustra. What I want to prove is even more unattainable and audacious.
The universe is designed so that every living being is born a Christ, a Buddha or a Zarathustra.
I know that gravity is the key to everything man needs to fly, and I plan not only to create flying objects (planes or rockets) but also to teach people to discover their own wings.
I try to evoke the energy that is in the air. There are essential sources of energy. what is called empty space is just an expression of unawakened matter. There is no empty space on this planet or in the Universe.
The black holes that scientists are talking about are the most powerful sources of vital energy.
Reporter: At the window of your hotel room on the 33rd floor, birds fly every morning.
Tesla : It is good for a person to treat birds warmly. Because of their wings. He also once had visible, real wings!
Journalist: Your fans are surprised by your idea that matter has no energy. If everything is filled with energy, where is it?
Tesla : First there was energy, and only then did matter appear.
Reporter: But that is like saying you were begotten by the Father.
Tesla : Exactly! How else could the Universe have been born?
Matter is created from the primordial and eternal energy we know as Light. She shone and from her was born a star, planets, man and everything that is on Earth and in the Universe. Matter is an expression of infinite forms of light, because energy is much older than matter.
There are four laws of Creation:
First Law: Inaccessibility of the Source, a dark plane that cannot be reached by reason or measured mathematically. The entire Universe fits into this plan.
Second Law: The diffused darkness, which is the true nature of Light, arising from inaccessibility, and its transformation into Light.
Third Law: The necessity of Light to transform into Light Matter.
Fourth Law: There is no beginning and no end.
The first three laws always have their place, and Creation is Eternal.
Journalist: You are vehemently against the theory of time and space reality that you are lecturing on this topic even on your birthday.
Tesla : Remember space is not distorted, only the human mind is distorted, which cannot reach eternity and limitlessness! If reality were correctly understood by the creators of this theory, it would include immortality, even physical immortality if it so desired.
I am part of the light and this is the music. Light fills all six of my senses: I see, hear, feel, smell, touch and think. My sixth sense is thinking.
Particles of light are written notes. A flash of lightning can be a whole sonata. A thousand lightnings - the whole concert. For this concert, I created a ball lightning that can be heard in the icy peaks of the Himalayas.
As for mathematicians, the scientist does not have to follow them, because numbers and equations are just symbols that express the realm of music. If Einstein heard these sounds, he would not have developed a theory of reality. These sounds are messengers to the mind, bringing the message that life has meaning, that the Universe exists in perfect harmony, and its beauty is the cause and effect of Creation. Such music is the whole cycle of the starry sky. Even the smallest star is fully formed and part of the stellar symphony. The beating of the human heart is also part of the symphony of the Earth.
Newton knew that the secret lay in the geometric arrangement and movement of the heavenly bodies. He realized the existence of the supreme law of the Universe. Distorted space is chaos, and chaos is not music. Einstein is the sound messenger of temporary fury.
Journalist: Dear Tesla , do you hear this music?
Tesla : I hear it all the time. My spiritual ears are as big as the sky we see above us. I amplify my body's hearing with radar.
According to the law of reality, two parallel lines will intersect at infinity. This is Einstein's curvature straightening out. A sound created once will last forever. It may disappear from man, but it will continue to exist in silence, which is man's greatest power.
I have nothing against Einstein himself. He is such a man, and he has done many good works, some of which have become part of music. I will write to him and try to explain that the ether exists and its particles are what keep the Universe in Harmony and Life itself in Eternity.
Reporter: You've often mentioned the power of visualization.
Tesla : I would like to thank visualization for all my discoveries. The events of my life and my inventions, they really stand before my eyes, seen as a separate event or phenomenon. In my youth I was afraid because I didn't know what it was, but later I learned to use this power as a unique ability and gift. I fed him and guarded him jealously. Also, thanks to visualization, I repaired many inventions and completed them, using the mind to visualize the solutions of the most complex equations. Thanks to this gift, I was recognized as the highest Lama in Tibet. My sight and hearing are perfect, and dare I say sharper than most people. I can hear thunder 250 km away and see colors in the sky that other people can't see. I acquired such keen eyesight and hearing when I was still a child. Later I developed it consciously.
Journalist: Our readers would like to know more about your approach to life.
Tesla : Life is a rhythm that is important to tune into. I feel the rhythm, tune into it and surrender to it. He expresses gratitude and gives me knowledge.
All living things are deeply and magically interconnected: man and the stars, amoeba and the Sun, the heart and the many spinning worlds. These connections are indestructible, cannot be obedient, calm in creating new and diverse connections in the world without destroying the old ones.
Knowledge comes from space, our thought is its perfect expression. There are two eyes in us: earthly and spiritual. It is recommended that they become one. The universe is alive in all its expressions as a thinking living being. A stone is also a thinking and intelligent creature, just like a plant, wild animal and man. A shining star begs us to look at it. If we weren't so self-interested, we would understand her language and the message she was conveying. Human breathing, eyes and ears must obey the breathing, eyes and ears of the Universe.
Journalist: Dear Tesla , what does electricity mean to you?
Tesla : Everything is Electricity. In the beginning was light, an inexhaustible source from which matter was born and spread in all forms that exist in the Universe and on Earth, with all aspects of life.
The true face of Light is darkness, only we do not see it. It is a wonderful grace bestowed upon man and other creatures. A single particle of darkness contains light, temperature, atomic, chemical, mechanical and unknown energy. It has the power to rotate the earth around its orbit. This is the real Archimedes lever.
Journalist: Dear Tesla , maybe you are too objective about electricity?
Tesla : Electricity is Me. I am electricity in human form. Mr. Smith, you are electricity too, you just don't realize it.
Reporter: Can you pass 1 million volts of electricity through your body?
Tesla : Imagine a gardener being attacked by plants. That would be completely absurd. The human body and brain are made up of a large amount of energy. Most of me is electricity. Everyone has an individual energy that creates the human "I" or Soul. With other creations, everything is different: the soul of a plant is the soul of animals and minerals. Brain functioning and death occur in light. In my youth my eyes were black, but now they are blue. Over time, the tension in the brain increases, causing the eyes to lighten. White light is the light of heaven.
One morning a white dove landed at my window and I was feeding it. She wanted to tell me she was dying. A stream of light emanated from her eyes. I have never seen so much light in the eyes of any creature as in that dove.
Reporter: Your lab staff tell you about explosions of light, flames, and lightning that occur when you get angry or endanger yourself.
Tesla : This is a mental discharge or a warning to be alert. The light is always on my side. Do you know how I discovered the rotating magnetic field and induction motor that made me famous at 26? One summer evening in Budapest, my countryman and I watched the sunrise. A thousand flames swirled, glowing in hundreds of hues. I remembered Faust and quoted him, as suddenly, like in a fog, I saw a rotating magnetic field and an asynchronous motor. I saw it in the Sun!
Journalist: For you, science and poetry are one and the same?
Tesla : Every human being has two eyes. William Blake was taught that the Universe was born of Imagination, and will be as long as there is one Man on Earth.
Imagination is the wheel by which astronomers can count stars in all galaxies. This creative energy is identical to the energy of light.
Journalist: Is your imagination more real than life itself?
Tesla : it gives birth to life. I fed on my learning, I learned to control my emotions, dreams and visions. I have always thrived and thrived on my enthusiasm. And all my long life I spent in ecstasy. It is the source of my happiness. Imagination was the source of my happiness. All these years she has helped me with a job that would have been enough for five lifetimes.
*translated by Jolanta D.
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