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Gražina Gum, expert in healthy nutrition and lifestyle, author of books on healthy lifestyle and nutritional programs, organizes a special program. This program is recommended to be done in autumn...

DETOX HOLIDAY - FEBRUARY 26 - 28 AND APRIL 22-24. Gražina Gum, expert in healthy nutrition and lifestyle, author of books on healthy lifestyle and nutritional programs, organizes a special program.

This program is recommended to be done in autumn and spring. During the period when viruses increase in the environment.
After the detox program, immunity is strengthened, the body becomes more resistant to viruses.

What is it?

A unique, systematic, wellness program to cleanse the body of impurities, toxins and strengthen immunity.
This program is recommended before the cold season. A specially prepared systematic program that includes detoxifying nutrition (green juices, nutritious cocktails supplemented by "long life" products, special teas, super salads, fermented food) Detox therapeutic products.


"Margios krantas", Trakai district.

The purpose of our program

To help regain inner peace, balance of mind and body, harmony of the body.
get stronger all round, lose weight, learn more about healthier living habits that you can apply to yourself. To fully rest, to break away from everyday life.

During the program

The program includes individual massages of the whole body, neck and head according to each person's physiology. Body strengthening exercises, lecturers' lectures on healthy lifestyle topics. Creative activities, cooking training; theory and practice; special ritual baths with special peelings; masks for the body, face and sauna massages.

The number of places is limited. The age of the participants is from 16 years.

About Grazina

Gražina Gum is a doctor, pioneer of live/raw food in Lithuania. Specialist, connoisseur of healthy lifestyle. Since 2007 independently improves live/raw food cooking skills, learned the subtleties of food preparation from raw food chefs in the USA. Established two raw food restaurants.

Conducts raw food preparation courses, training camps, gives lectures. Organized various meetings with well-known Lithuanian and international vegetarians - the world-famous vegetarian Viktorija Butenko, as well as the pioneer of green nutrition Viktoras Kulvinskas. V. Kulvinskas' bestseller book "How to survive in the 21st century" was published. in 2012 Gražina Gum's book "Green food" appeared. Winter holiday recipes". This is the first raw food recipe book in Lithuania.

Gražina is the author of the 7-day super detox nutrition program, 3-day energy nutrition and the bestselling book "3-day nutrition program". Writes to the online account, which has 54,000 followers.

Price per person

  • 400 EUR in a double room,
  • 450 EUR in a single room,
  • 360 EUR when registering at once as a couple (couple or with a friend). When buying February holidays, the promotion is valid until January 22. When buying April holidays, the promotion is valid until March 17. During the promotion, a special price applies for a double room.

The price includes:

  • accommodation in double, single rooms,
  • special detox menu,
  • therapeutic sets of detoxifying products for each participant,
  • 1 full body massage, selected individually according to the type of person,
  • 1 head and neck massage,
  • yoga and other body strengthening activities,
  • fractal activity; theory and practice,
  • 2 ritual baths, we will get acquainted with various shingles,
  • peelings and masks for the face and body, special massages for everyone in the sauna,
  • 5 lectures;
  • and cooking classes; theory and practice.
Additionally, you can order a Ma-uri massage.

You can register
phone number +370 65953029



"Dear Gražina,
Thank you very much for your determination and willingness to share your knowledge.
Thank you for the ability to create a cozy environment and the desire to communicate with each other.
All this will help you try and make changes in your life.
Everything was super delicious!
A real body and mind detox!"

"Thank you very much for these three days.
In this short time, I realized that raw food can be enjoyed and be full, that Detox is not starvation, that the richest food is in our gardens and meadows.
Thank you for clean thoughts, a cleaner body and for the given instrument and knowledge to continue on this path."

"Three-day Detox is a three-day paradise!
I had no idea that it was possible to discover new tastes, new like-minded people or even soul mates.
The team is just great!
Improvisation, good mood relaxed to the core.
Thank you for being there!
I wish to continue to spread good taste, share knowledge and bring good people together :)"

"Dear Gražina and team,
I am very glad that there are such people who love themselves and others.
It was a lot of fun for me to be together and experience something that I could, and maybe didn't even dream about.
Experienced new sensations will remain in the heart and memory for a long time.
Thank you for being there and I wish you to stay for a long, long time."


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