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MUMMY - what is it? Mummy is a balm that forms in mountain crevices. These are irregularly shaped pieces in the form of hard or continuous resin. In folk medicine,...

MUMMY - what is it?

Mummy is a balm that forms in mountain crevices. These are irregularly shaped pieces in the form of hard or continuous resin. In folk medicine, it is used to treat bone fractures, wounds, tuberculosis, stone disease, diseases of the digestive tract, respiratory tract, and skin.


Mummy consists of 28 chemical elements, 30 macro and micro elements, 10 various metal oxides, 6 types of amino acids, vitamins, essential oils, resins, wax, etc. This balm helps heal stomach ulcers, improves liver function, stimulates hematopoiesis, adrenal glands, stomach activity, and strengthens the immune system.

It is believed that this mysterious, legendary, universal preparation surpasses even the famous "root of life" - ginseng. In India it is called Shilajit, and here it is called mummy .

Purpose: supplements the diet with plant fibers and bioactive substances. The mummy activates mineral metabolism in the body.

Mummy contains fulvic acid, the effect of which increases the amount of calcium, potassium and phosphorus salts in the blood - important building materials included in the composition of bones.

Healing properties:
The healing properties of mummy are determined by its special composition, which contains biologically active substances that dilate blood vessels. This is especially important in the treatment of diseases associated with narrowing of blood vessels: hypertension, heart attack, sclerosis, headaches, etc.

Mummy  in the composition, researchers found fungi similar to penicillin. These fungi give the mummy bactericidal properties, thanks to which many infectious diseases (dysentery, tuberculosis) are successfully treated, as well as diseases related to inflammatory processes - hemorrhoids, bone tuberculosis, fungal diseases and some types of eczema.

Mummy, as a complex remedy, can be used for ailments such as;

Adenoma; allergy; angina; arthritis; tumors; bronchial asthma; bronchitis; kidney diseases; diseases of the gastrointestinal tract; ulcers; gastritis; gallstones; cirrhosis; cystitis; diabetes; hymoritis; hemorrhoids; hypertension; glaucoma; mastitis; migraine; neurodermatitis; burns; frostbite; obesity; bone fractures; concussions; paralysis; plexitis; prostatitis; radiculitis; rheumatism; cardiovascular diseases; thrombophlebitis; it is suitable for the treatment of acne and blackheads; for the treatment and prevention of influenza; for strengthening immunity; for cleaning the body; for cleaning the liver, cleaning stagnant bile, etc. This is far from a complete list of diseases in which it is advisable to use mummies.

Mummy thanks to this, the number of erythrocytes in the blood increases and the level of hemoglobin rises, and as a result, the blood supply to damaged tissues improves, the whole body is also stimulated, and regenerative processes are accelerated.

Mummy is characterized by high biological activity: it increases the body's resistance to unfavorable factors of the external environment, strengthens the whole body, detoxifies, suppresses inflammation, fights bacteria, drives bile, stimulates the functions of the immune and blood production systems, improves metabolism.

Mummy destroys rheumatic processes, opens blockages, removes water-salt metabolism disorders, strengthens the activity of the gonads.

It has a positive effect on the nervous system. It has the ability to destroy tumors and acne, stimulates the release of bile. It is very effective in the treatment of diseases associated with vascular sclerosis, and is also suitable for the treatment of varicose veins and thrombophlebitis.

Mummy very effectively helps to overcome diseases of the respiratory system: bronchitis, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis. Also diabetes, dropsy, stones (gallbladder, kidney, bladder).

The mummy  helps with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract: stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers, gastritis.

When mummy is taken internally, it directly affects not only the esophagus and stomach walls, but also the entire body, strengthening it, stimulating the immune system and regenerative processes.

The mummy gained very important as an activator of bone tissue regeneration and as an antiseptic. Experiments have shown that mummy eliminates capillary permeability disorders related to histamine norm disorders. It is useful for ear, gum, liver and heart diseases.

Mummy has a great effect on the body, helping it to survive in difficult conditions. It is appropriate to use it in a complex with other means, when being treated for radiation sickness, blood cancer.

The mummy  positively affects the human body:

strengthens and restores lost energy. It not only stimulates the whole body, but also has a local effect, perfectly healing wounds. The stimulating effect is also manifested at the cellular level: the number of cells increases, the metabolism of nucleic acids and total protein increases.

The mummy is recommended not only during the recovery period - after operations, hepatitis, cardiovascular diseases (infarction, stroke), but also for healthy people.

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The use of mummy has almost no contraindications. It does not cause allergies. It is impossible to overdose: the excess mummy is removed from the body through the panages of the toes and fingers (a dark mass is released).

However, it is not recommended for children with ureters or kidney stones, so as not to move the stones in the body. But THE MUMMY has the ability to dissolve stones.

When used regularly and in correct doses, the body of mummies is provided with many necessary vitamins and trace elements (silicon, gold, sodium, calcium, iron, nickel, titanium, chromium, copper, aluminum, zinc, barium, manganese, etc.; their homeopathically small doses act as stimulants ).

Also, in the mummy  contains up to 36% of valuable and irreplaceable proteins and amino acids (cysteine, lysine, glutamic acid, glycine, serine, tyrosine, thyronine, methionine, leucine, etc.).

The use of mummies reduces the risk of immunodeficiency states, which helps to gain strong health, vitality and activity for many years.

How and when to use MUMMY?

In the medical literature, it is said that the mummy preparation is used in the treatment of inflammatory processes, purulent inflammatory and infectious wounds, tuberculosis, bone fractures, diseases of the digestive tract, hemorrhoids, otitis and many other ailments.

Here, bronchial asthma is treated by consuming 0.2 - 0.5 g of Mumijo twice a day (in the morning without food and in the evening before going to bed). The course of treatment is 25-28 days. Depending on the severity of the disease, 1-3 courses of treatment are required with a 5-day break between them.

In case of thrombophlebitis, drink 0.25 - 0.3 g of mummy 20 - 25 days with a 5-day break between treatment courses. Pain decreases, limb swelling disappears, red blood cells and hemoglobin increase in the blood.

In case of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, angina, runny nose, inflammatory and allergic processes, when coughing, it is useful to drink 0.2 - 0.5 gr in the morning and in the evening. of mummy , mixed with water, in addition, to gargle with a 10 percent solution of mummy . Depending on the severity of the disease, 1-3 courses of treatment are required. The duration of one course is 25-28 days with a 5-day break.

After breaking bones, dislocating joints, getting into a fight, straining muscles or ligaments, suffering injuries, cuts, use 0.2 - 0.5 g. mummy _ The course of treatment is 25-28 days, but in more severe cases, 3-4 courses of treatment are needed.

With bone tuberculosis, drink 0.2-0.5 grams of mummy twice a day for a total of 25 days. A repeat course can be taken after 5 days.

After the ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, suffering from diseases of the digestive tract, bladder, colitis or gastritis - take 0.2 - 0.5 gr twice a day. mummy preparation (after fasting in the morning and before going to bed in the evening). The course of treatment is 25-28 days. If the disease is chronic, a repeat course can be taken after 5 days. During the treatment period, it is necessary to eat in moderation and avoid alcohol. The pain usually goes away after 7-11 days from the start of the treatment.

In case of purulent otitis, otitis media, hearing loss - 3-4 drops of 10 percent mummy mortar are instilled into the ears. The procedure is performed in the morning and in the evening. In addition, it is useful to improve the mummy preparation - 0.2 - 0.3 grams each, mixed with milk and honey. The mummy helps release pus, relieves pain and strengthens the body's anti-inflammatory function.

When suffering from purulent inflammatory and infectious wounds, burns, ulcers, fistulas, apply 10 percent mummy mortar to the skin.

In case of hemorrhoids , take 0.2 - 0.5 gr twice a day (in the morning without food and in the evening - before bed). mummy preparation. Drink for 25 days. Repeated course - after 25 days. In addition, special mummies help with hemorrhoids ointments, it is necessary to apply for 3-4 months, with breaks.

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