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What is detoxification and why do you need it?

What is detoxification and why do you need it? Bad and good bacteria live in the human body. Good bacteria thrive in an oxygenated environment. And bad bacteria, cancer cells,...

What is detoxification and why do you need it?

Bad and good bacteria live in the human body. Good bacteria thrive in an oxygenated environment. And bad bacteria, cancer cells, infections, viruses, parasites prefer an anaerobic, i.e., low-oxygen environment, it is very difficult for them to survive in an oxygen-saturated environment.

Therefore, it is very important to replenish our body with this vital element for us - oxygen. It is also very important to restore the lack of enzymes that occurs when eating acidic food - baking, overcooking, roasting, flour, dairy products and a rich diet of animal products.

The intestine removes not only food waste, but also dead cells and tissues of our body as a result of physical and activity. If they are not removed, it causes the breakdown of proteins, which increases toxemia - blood poisoning or acidosis - increasing acidity. The accumulation of such body waste harms our health much more than we think, so its elimination is one of the most important measures to achieve positive results.

As a result of all this, ailments with the intestines, skin problems.

Most important in the body is the pH of the blood, which ranges from 7.35 to 7.45. As you can see, the fluctuation of blood pH is very small, but even a very small deviation from this norm changes the body's electrochemical processes.

If a person eats healthily - eats natural food and practices a healthy lifestyle - the body easily maintains an optimal pH balance. Unfortunately, the diet of many people today is dominated by refined products: sugar, white bread and white flour products, white rice, unhealthy hydrogenated fats.

All these products greatly acidify the body, and in the long run cause health problems and chronic diseases.

What does our body do that it can no longer remove, because the removal capacity of the kidneys, skin, lungs or intestines is no longer sufficient? It creates temporary repositories, terrible pollutant dumps, where waste is temporarily stored so that it can later be removed from the body at the right opportunity. Most poisonous substances are in an acidic medium or produce acids themselves until they are destroyed. But where are they stored until they are removed from the body?

In the most important organs (heart, brain, lungs), poisonous substances cannot be accumulated for reasons of self-preservation. However, there are many other places in the body that can take a bigger load when trouble persists. Fat-soluble toxic substances are simply transported to fatty tissues and stored there.

When the acid stores are overflowing, then they move to the joints and manifest as gout attacks - swelling and pain in the finger joints. It is in those places that uric acid crystals are deposited, when the biological storage facilities for this purpose are overflowing.

When there are too many acids in the body, they finally start to accumulate in the muscles. First in the connective tissue, then in the joints and tendons, and then in the muscles or groups of muscles that we use the least. These muscles are affected by acids and become stiff and prone to cramping. the process continues. Acids from the muscles enter the ligaments, which support the mobility of the joints. This is how rheumatism begins.

In addition, the acidic environment damages red blood cells.

The body balances the pH and tries as much as possible to maintain the optimal pH of the body, but we pay dearly for this: in order to neutralize the accumulated acid, the body takes alkaline minerals from the bones and other vital organs: calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc. It is also believed that the body produces cholesterol to protect against excess acid circulating in the body.

This is also one of the reasons why blood vessels narrow. Excess acid in the form of fat is deposited in various organs.

A low pH is believed to stimulate the production of triglycerides (a form of fat in the blood), which then end up on your waistline, thighs, blood vessel walls and other body organs. Fat storage also does a little to neutralize pH, which is why so many people are overweight today. And that makes it very difficult to get rid of that fat. In order to lose weight, one of the first things you need to do is to normalize your pH.

There are many cases where people managed to get rid of extra pounds easily and in a short time by balancing their pH.

Another place where excess acid accumulates is the joints, hence their diseases - arthritis, gout (this is a form of arthritis, as acid crystals, which should normally be removed through the kidneys, collect in the joints, and thus the joints become swollen and painful) and others.

Despite the body's efforts, if a person does nothing over time, the body depletes its alkaline reserves and as a result the intracellular fluid and even the blood become increasingly acidic.

This greatly affects the cellular function of energy production and causes people to feel tired (just look around at how many people today are constantly complaining of fatigue).

Excess acid reduces cell resistance and proper regenerative function and reduces oxygen delivery to cells. A low amount of oxygen in the cells allows viruses and bacteria to breed (a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the body suppresses the immune system, making it no longer able to fight off infections). The acidic and low-oxygen environment of the body is very favorable for cancer cells - all cancer patients have a very low pH, and the body is very "acidified".

Stress acidifies and ages the body.

7-day "super detox nutrition program" - a transition to a new level of health and well-being. Balanced and carefully thought-out seven-day food recipes that step by step will help restore the body's balance, renew and restore energy, and form natural habits of self-care and healthier eating.

All recipes are selected in such a way that your body receives all the necessary and most nutritious substances, and at the same time detoxifies, provides full nutrition, but at the same time does not burden the digestive system.

Our body is unique. We just need to help him get rid of the toxins accumulated over time so that he can function naturally again and we can hear his real needs again.


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