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The opinions of these American doctors about the causes and treatments of cancer may shock,

The opinions of these American doctors about the causes and treatments of cancer may shock, American doctor and psychotherapist Lawrence LeShan in his book "Cancer is a turning point in...

The opinions of these American doctors about the causes and treatments of cancer may shock,

American doctor and psychotherapist Lawrence LeShan in his book "Cancer is a turning point in life. "Cancer As a Turning Point: A Handbook for People with Cancer, Their Families, and Health Professionals" provides startling insights into the causes and treatment of this disease.

Oncology is not a fatal disease

In his book, L. LeShan shares an idea that may seem paradoxical or even funny at first, although it is the result of his 30 years of practice as a doctor: oncology is a fatal disease. In addition, this disease is a turning point in a person's life, because a person has the opportunity to realize what he had only dreamed of until then. And finally the person recovers.

L. LeShan is convinced that cancer is directly related to the inner state of a person. If, for some reason, life loses its meaning for a person, his body's reaction to this negation can be cancer.

The doctor noticed that those people who first had a very active life, and then, under the pressure of the circumstances, lowered their wings, very often get cancer. It was these facts that convinced the doctor that cancer is a turning point in a person's life, when a choice must be made - to die or to change and take a different path. If people regain interest in life, they will recover from cancer.

American surgeon Bernie Siegel expresses the same thoughts in his books. He emphasizes that in many cases it is enough to be reminded of the nearness of death, so that a person discovers incredible abilities in himself and begins to apply them - simply because "there will be no more time."

People often say, “I hate my job. I never wanted to be an engineer. The legal profession is not for me, I always dreamed of becoming a musician. My family life is killing me. Someday my hour will strike." As soon as they learn that they have a terminal illness, many say, "In less than a year, I will die. I'd rather do what makes me happy. I will improve family life. Finally, I'll go to Egypt and see the pyramids, it's been a dream of mine all my life. I play the violin. I will write a book."

Years later, they say, “You know, I didn't die. The doctor said the tumor had disappeared. It's strange, what happened?" Indeed, they guess what happened - they did not die, because they began to live.

So if you feel that life does not bring you joy, change it immediately, at least so that you do not get sick. B. Siegel believes that such behavior is a necessary condition for a long life and excellent health.

True, he reminds us that it is not always possible to radically change life. For example, a person may not have the money to leave a town in a northern country and settle by the sea. Anyway, Mr. Siegel suggests that every person find their own way to maximize self-realization, and in order to do this, you must first learn to love the world. You can stay in your old job, just learn to be happy. The point is the inner disposition.

Love in itself is important, love is like a way of life, unconditional love, to love means to give without expecting anything in return. After some time, a person feels that there is no happier person in the world than him.

B. Siegel says: "They tell me, 'I loved him, but he didn't love me back.'" I laugh and say, "I meant something else. You count the hours you spend on your loved one and you want them back. But this is absurd. By turning relationships into a burdensome commitment, we accumulate hurts that kill us.”

A person who does not succeed in everything in life, who is struck by diseases, must learn to treat life's misfortunes as a threat with a finger. Failure teaches, so you can say to the person who pissed you off: Thank you for firing me. Thank you for not agreeing to be my wife. My life took a different direction, I found its meaning and happiness."

The better we understand ourselves, the less we judge the world. B. Siegel emphasizes that children do not judge anything, they live only by their feelings. If you ask a child to draw what he dreams of or what he wants to be when he grows up, he will immediately do it. But if you ask an adult to do the same thing, he or she is likely to say, "It's better to postpone the test for a week so I can think about what I want out of life."

In his seminars, Mr. Siegel often asks participants the question, "If I made each of you happy right now, what would you do next?" Most adults don't know what to answer. We are not used to being happy, and that is what we are born for. A happy person is always healthy.

We all have our own purpose and dreams that seem impossible to achieve. Sometimes we suppress the desire for happiness all our lives. We heal by changing our lives.

An excellent example is the case with L. LeShan's patient Robert. He was a good specialist, his health did not complain, but at the age of 65. decided to retire. Robert was sure that he would dedicate the free time that appeared to his grandchildren. However, the son divorced his wife and took the grandchildren to another city. Robert's life has lost its meaning. He was doing nothing, wandering around the house aimlessly, feeling apathetic, tired and apathetic. His health seriously deteriorated, he soon heard the diagnosis - cancer.

It is not known how Robert's life would have turned out if he had not met Dr. L. LeShan. Already during the first conversations, Robert realized that he had lost the main stimulus in life. During the psychotherapy sessions, his almost forgotten interest in politics was revealed. L. LeShan advised Robert to join an organization that solves social problems. Communication with new people, new commitments returned the man to activity, which gave him new strength. In order to keep in good shape, Robert started playing sports. He simply did not have time for conversations with the doctor. The tumor stopped growing, then disappeared altogether.

Another example from the practice of Dr. L. LeShan. Born and raised in Brazil, Natalie loved her country very much. At some stage, she and her family decided to go to London. Her husband is a poet whose verses have not been published, and her two daughters who dream of becoming actresses would also have more career opportunities in London. In order to give her daughters an education and her husband the opportunity to devote all his time to poetry, Natalie took a job outside of her profession. She had to do a job she didn't like. Every morning, the woman reluctantly got up and went to work. Her whole life consisted of taking care of her family, she did everything mechanically, and she forgot herself.

49 years old Natalie was diagnosed with breast cancer with widespread metastases. The prognosis was grim. The woman turned to L. LeShan, he was her last hope. After a long conversation, L. LeShan said: "Why should your body fight for life, if life for you is just dull routine and boredom, if you have long forgotten yourself?" If you die soon, your loved ones will take care of their own problems without you. So, isn't it better to use the last chance offered by life - to forget other people's problems for a while and focus on yourself? You made a mistake 10 years ago, so fix it now."

And Natalie went to her native Brazil. She walked barefoot on the beach, swam in the sea, found a job and went back to teaching the little children she loved so much. Medicines and recommended diet did not help before, but now they have given great results. Natalie began to recover. The woman was very surprised to learn that as soon as her husband and daughters had to solve their own problems, they solved them.

According to L. LeShan, each person on earth is assigned his own activity. By doing it, he makes maximum use of his abilities and feels great satisfaction in life. If a person is not in his place, life does not bring him joy. In this case, even if life seems to be successful from the outside, the reaction to it can be cancer.

Cancer is the last warning that pushes a person to remember his purpose, to feel his desires. Then the body finds the strength to fight by itself, mobilizes all protective mechanisms. Joy and a sense of freedom, realizing one's needs, is the most effective medicine.

Each person has a melody of his life, a motive that sounds in us from birth. Carl Jung said that the future is subconsciously created long before it arrives. Sometimes we consciously suppress that motive, being ashamed of its simple or, on the contrary, unusual sound, we adapt to the majority, and we suppress our desires and possibilities. But every instrument will fail and break if we try for a long time to produce sounds that are not characteristic of it.

When a malignant tumor is detected, it does not matter to the patient what caused the disease - the wrong lifestyle or the fact that he forgot himself for many years because of his family or society. Then survival becomes the most important thing.

According to L. LeShan, cancer presents a condition - you can only live happily.

Another example from a doctor's practice. Maria had a great job, many friends, those around her thought she had achieved a lot in life. She was suddenly diagnosed with breast cancer. During the first conversation with L. LeShan, Maria realized that two things had weighed on her throughout her life: the fact that she was not married, had no children, whom she loved very much, and the reaction of her colleagues to this fact. She was oppressed by the knowledge that she was considered an old maid.

The doctor asked Maria to remember the happiest period of her life. It was her youth when she worked as a teacher in a school for disabled children. L. LeShan offered Maria to enter a pedagogical college. To become a student at the age of forty-something and still suffering from such a serious illness?

The doctor stood his ground, and Mary agreed. She did well in school and enjoyed spending time with young people. The woman graduated externally, started teaching, and a year later opened her own school for disabled children. Maria was happy, she no longer needed the doctor's help, she forgot that she had cancer at all.

Very often, people with cancer do not feel their purpose and what can bring them happiness. Then L. LeShan advises to remember the tale of the goldfish that can grant all wishes. You just have to hurry, because she will soon wag her tail and will not appear again. Think about what you would most like to ask for.

You can imagine that you have just been born and have your whole life ahead of you. What would you like to do? Where and how to live? Try to remember the happiest moments of your life.

After all, there were moments, hours, months when you felt real joy. Remember what brought you joy and try to create that in your life. In this way, Dr. L. LeShan managed to bring many medically hopeless patients back to life. It also happened that the tumor did not shrink, but stopped growing and did not bother the patient for many years.

By the way, B. Siegel was not satisfied with the work of the surgeon at first. He liked to draw. On one occasion, he painted himself with a mask, wearing a long robe with a hood. Then he realized that he intuitively hid from people and from a life that did not satisfy him. And he kept shutting himself up because he thought about the people he couldn't save with just a scalpel.

Once, by chance, he got into a psychotherapy session and met his cancer patient. The surgeon was surprised, and the patient replied: "In my spare time, when I am not visiting your clinic, I was advised to go to psychotherapy sessions. You know, it helps." B. Siegel realized: "This is what people need."

He began to organize groups of people so that everyone could cultivate a positive attitude and encourage the body to fight cancer. He conducts three group sessions for cancer patients for six hours a week - two hours for each group - for 10 years. The doctor was convinced that as soon as patients start realizing their dreams, they get better, people condemned to death continue to live and feel better and better.

Among those attending the groups were those who were operated on by Mr. Siegel for cancer. Here they have been living for 10 years without the slightest sign of cancer - simply because they cherish every day of their lives and enjoy life. Every patient has once said to himself: Suppose I die in six months. I mean, I have to start living right now.” When Mr. Siegel calls such people, they say, “Yes, alive. I just started living, that's why I didn't die."


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