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Good morning start

Good morning start. Detox with OIL. In the morning, our body cleans itself. Therefore, plaque accumulates in the mouth: smell, tongue, teeth. In the morning, we start by rinsing the...

Good morning start.

Detox with OIL. In the morning, our body cleans itself. Therefore, plaque accumulates in the mouth: smell, tongue, teeth.

In the morning, we start by rinsing the mouth with oil to reduce the toxins that need to be spit out! Procedures - essence and purpose - binding of mucus, as a result, the entire oral cavity is cleansed: gums, teeth, throat heal, receptor activity improves - better sense of taste.

The sinuses are cleaned, so the runny nose is less bothersome and the smells are better smelled. Toxins are cleared from the salivary ducts/tubes, which are directly connected to lymph and maintaining the cleanliness of the whole body, so the skin becomes more beautiful/cleansed. There is more energy, mental clarity, better sleep, fewer headaches associated with migraines.

The general immunity of the whole body is strengthened! coconut - it has antibacterial properties. The procedure should be performed in the morning, before eating and brushing teeth. An additional benefit of oil mouthwash is whiter teeth and healthier gums.

How does detoxification work? Billions of bacteria, parasites, fungi, molds breed in our mouths! Oil and toxins have similar properties - heavy, greasy, sticky. Oil binds toxins - which are fat soluble. Due to this feature and function, a powerful cleansing of the body takes place.

How to perform the procedure?

Take 2 tablespoons of oil in your mouth. It is best to do this without food, without drinking water. Rinse your mouth for 5-10 minutes. You can spit out the oil a few times and continue with a new clean one. After rinsing your mouth, spit out the oil, it may turn white as there will be lots of air bubbles in it from rinsing. Rinse your mouth with warm water. The procedure should be repeated daily, preferably in the morning.

we continue the start of a healthy morning by drinking warm water supplemented with fermented plant vinegar from 17 plants: leaves, roots, seeds, berries, mushrooms. "HERBAL VINEGAR" is a unique product that helps to improve the functioning of the stomach by removing bad bacteria, fungi, molds, and parasites.

Improves stomach function - restores PH, digestive hydrochloric acid, improves intestinal microbiome - restores good microflora, less bloating, indigestion, it's much easier to go to the toilet!

The results start to show when you see more beautiful and clear skin as toxins are removed.

HERBAL VINEGAR - we created it from 17 plants in 2 years, we produce it here in Lithuania.

Continuing the healthy start of the morning, we change the coffee to DETOX TEA and ENERGY TEA, (Coffee - acidifies, balances emotions, removes minerals: potassium, magnesium, calcium - so you can feel cramps, jumping pressure and have painful joints sensitive to weather changes!)

DETOX TEA - not only removes toxins, but also provides a lot of good energy! Many say better than coffee! Helps with bloating, indigestion and constipation.

DETOX TEA - reduces the need for sweets.

ENERGY TEA - provides energy without coffee! Improves mood, activates brain and whole body blood flow. Increases mental clarity, improves memory. Improves peripheral cerebral blood flow.

PURA is a bowel sweeper that really works. Not only in case of constipation, but also in order to clean toxins, fungi, molds, liver and joints.

PURA - which is based on fibers, swells in the stomach - less desire to eat, intestines - cleans like a sponge from the inside. As a result, resorption is improved - there is a much better assimilation of nutrients.

The mullein contained in the composition improves liver function, protects and restores the damaged liver.

Frankincense sap from the boswellia tree has joint-cleansing and whole-body detoxifying properties.

Green clay - has been valued since ancient times for the fact that it absorbs heavy metals, toxins and removes them, bringing them outside.

PURA - a unique mixture for maintaining the cleanliness and health of the whole body.

70 percent of our immune system is

in the gut!

We need to make sure our gut microflora/microbiome is strong enough! to prevent bad bacteria from entering the bloodstream and causing inflammation. And unformed diseases.

The healthier and cleaner the environment for our intestinal bacteria - microflora to feed and improve, the stronger our immune system is.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care of it, feed it, clean it.

Let's be healthy! author Gražina Gum

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