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PROBIOTICS - GOOD BACTERIA - HEALTHY MICROFLORA; Kimchi - Korean fermented vegetables. Lithuanian version.

KIMCHI I managed to make "kimchi" very well I prepared it from Lithuanian cabbage, because it is the tastiest for me :)) Kimchi - a traditional snack prepared in Korean...


I managed to make "kimchi" very well

I prepared it from Lithuanian cabbage, because it is the tastiest for me :))

Kimchi - Korean fermented vegetables. Lithuanian
Kimchi - a traditional snack prepared in Korean cuisine - fermented vegetables, which are extremely rich in enzymes that help digestion and are rich in good bacteria-probiotics, which have a very favorable effect on the intestinal microflora.

It is properly fermented vegetables that heal the body. Prevents the accumulation of toxins and removes them. In this way, we get sick less and less often.

Fermented vegetables are very nutritious, they contain more enzymes than raw ones, they also contain probiotics and minerals that our body needs.

Good probiotic bacteria and enzymes improve intestinal function, participate in blood purification processes, help regulate weight, provide energy, normalize body pH, help remove pollutants, so fermented products are an essential part of every detoxification program.

By regularly consuming such products, you will notice that the immune system and digestion have improved.
You will achieve the best results by including fermented foods in your daily menu: add them to salads or use them as a side dish.

Fermented food is very compatible and digestible with starchy and protein products. By the way, another advantage is that regular consumption of enzymes will help control the craving for sweets: you will always feel full and your appetite will decrease.

PREPARATION; Cabbage, carrots, white radish, kohlrabi.

cut the cabbage, carrot, radish and kohlrabi and grind it with a beetroot grater.

For the dressing: MASH; chili, ginger, curry, pepper, garlic, salt, coriander, cumin🌶

ATTENTION - often and for most, the stomach "bloats" when eating fermented food - red cabbage and other vegetables. .


This indicates that there is an inappropriate intestinal microflora. It is necessary to clean toxins and parasites so that good bacteria can live. Then you won't feel any bloating.

Take anti-parasitic supplements. VERMINUS and WORMINUM , BLACK WALNUT, RYTE HERBAL VINEGAR and DETOX TEA - instead of coffee. in convenient capsules. THE PROGRAM WILL HELP TO CHANGE THE MICROFLORA. Avoid sugar, coffee, wheat pastries, milk. here;

More detailed recipe;

Since it's not in season, I appreciate local seasonal vegetables more, so I prepared it like this:

Kimchi - Korean fermented vegetables. Lithuanian

I cut white cabbage into cubes/squares. I seasoned them with salt - according to the amount to be prepared. I used about a tablespoon of salt per head of cabbage, pounded with a wooden pestle. Well, how do you prepare traditional cabbage :) The point is that it softens faster..

I cut one kohlrabi into pieces separately, grated a couple of carrots with a beet grater. I grated one white radish with straws. I mixed all the vegetables together, pounded them with a wooden pestle.

Infusion. I put a few pieces of white radish, a couple of dried chili pods, a couple of cloves of garlic, ginger root, a teaspoon of pepper, a spoonful of honey, a teaspoon of curry powder, ground coriander and ground cumin in a blender/cocktail. I mashed them until smooth. ATTENTION - IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A POWERFUL BLENDER - GRATE ALL THE COMPONENTS, MIX TOGETHER WITH THE CABBAGE.

I poured the resulting mass on the vegetables and mixed well again. Everything.

The process took place in a metal pot. I closed the lid and left it in the kitchen at room temperature for three days. I tasted it and was surprised :)) The taste is fantastic, the softness of the vegetables is ideal.. They can be eaten with everything. You can add it to soup, salad, to any other dish, you can serve it as a snack, salad, etc.

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Cheers and delicious :) Beautiful Gum


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