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1 day. A nutritional program that cleanses the body

1 day. A nutritional program that cleanses the body In the spring, many of us feel fat, heavy, lost energy and not so beautiful.. How to regain strength and body...

1 day. A nutritional program that cleanses the body

In the spring, many of us feel fat, heavy, lost energy and not so beautiful.. How to regain strength and body lines? Try the author's part of Gražina Gum's detoxification diet..

After detoxification, weight falls faster, energy increases, skin and hair recover, mental activity improves, aging processes slow down, as harmful substances-toxins are removed from the body.

1 day. A nutritional program that cleanses the body

The detox diet plan is very carefully designed. You will get all the necessary nutrients and energy, you will not feel hunger, discomfort, in contrast to exhausting diets with low nutritional value.

What is the benefit to the organism?

Such a diet, based on alkaline plant food, helps to remove toxic substances not only from the digestive tract, but also from the tissues and cells of the organism. In this way, the alkali and acid balance is restored, the growth of fungi and bacteria is suppressed, and the mucus that accumulates on the walls of the colon and prevents the absorption of useful substances is reduced (even better results with the additional use of "Švara" or "Slim Wella ").

In addition, the organism receives more energy, its general condition improves. Because together with alkalizing food, you will get whole food, which is rich in active enzymes. Such a diet helps restore and improve the activity of digestive enzymes and intestinal microflora, which are the foundations of good metabolism, excellent well-being, energy, beauty, and a long, disease-free life. The program should be continued for at least 3-7 days or even 14-21 days. It is useful to detoxify the body every quarter - at the limit of the change of seasons.

1 day. A nutritional program that cleanses the body

It's no secret that the body requires unhealthy food when it lacks necessary vitamins and minerals. Don't be surprised to find yourself craving healthier, different foods after the program. This happens because after getting rid of the junk that has accumulated over the years, our body finally begins to catch up with what it really needs and lacks. Then they prefer healthier products instead of cakes and steaks. You will learn to notice the real needs of the body, and new, healthy eating habits will be formed unconsciously.

The intestine removes not only food waste, but also dead cells and tissues of our body. If they are not removed, it causes the breakdown of proteins, which increases toxemia - blood poisoning or acidosis - increasing acidity. The accumulation of such body waste harms our health much more than we think, so its elimination is one of the most important measures to achieve positive results.

Bad and good bacteria live in the human body. Good bacteria thrive in an oxygen-enriched medium. And bad bacteria, cancer cells, infections, viruses, parasites and fungi prefer an anaerobic, i.e. low-oxygen environment, it is very difficult for them to survive in an oxygen-saturated environment.

1 day. A nutritional program that cleanses the body

Therefore, it is very important to replenish our body with this vital element for us - oxygen. It is also very important to restore the lack of enzymes, which occurs when nourishing acidic food - baking, overcooking, roasting, flour, dairy products and a rich diet of animal products.

This detox program is based on an alkaline diet. In the book "The Ph miracle" by ROYoung and Sh. Redford, its essence is perfectly presented. A person's well-being, skin condition, and energy depend on the ph medium, so it is necessary to properly restore it first and try to maintain it. For example, various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract begin due to the disturbed amount of acids in the stomach.

What should we give up during the detox period?

White wheat flour products, white refined sugar, sweet milk products, coffee, alcohol, and of course stress acidify the body the most.

Also, during the cleaning period, refuse products of animal origin; meat, fish, eggs, fried, roasted, canned, processed food. We change coffee to pu-erh or mate tea.

It would be very useful to use product sets that cleanse and at the same time restore and strengthen the organism together with nutrition.

Verminus - drink a teaspoon with a small amount of water before lunch and dinner (it will help to cleanse from bacteria, viruses, mucus faster) It is suitable for use by children and family members as a preventive measure if you have pets at home that are carriers of viruses and parasites.

Cleanliness - fiber mixture - intestinal sweep. Slim Wella - for healthier slimming. Use them 1-2 tablespoons after mixing in a glass of warm water, drink between meals. Can be added to cocktails as a thickener.

Elixir - an alkalizing, special plant mixture for strengthening the body. Suitable for children. Green Ambrosia - for adults. Drink with water in the morning, between meals. Helps with reflux.

1 day. A nutritional program that cleanses the body

Tools needed in the kitchen for cooking

You will need a shaker (cocktail/blender) chopper, grater, cutting boards, knives, airtight containers for storing food. Taking into account the body's contamination, well-being, and needs, it is best to follow the detox diet plan for at least 3-7 days. You can prepare most of the food in advance and keep it in the fridge, take it to work, study or school.


In the morning we drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon.

1 day. A nutritional program that cleanses the bodycocktail "Vitamin load"

especially refreshing, delicious..

1 day. A nutritional program that cleanses the body

2 pieces of kiwi,

1 apple,

2 cm. ginger (if you are preparing for children, you can add less)

0.5 lime with peel,

You can sweeten with honey. if you want a milder taste, add a banana.

We put the ingredients in a blender, pour water to cover, beat until smooth.

tasty and healthy :)

Additionally very suitable for alkalizing the body "Elixir"


Italian sunflower spread

1 day. A nutritional program that cleanses the body

1 day. A nutritional program that cleanses the body

Very quick to prepare, hearty and delicious. The basis of this recipe is sunflower, and 50 g of sunflower contains the daily allowance of iron. In addition, the absorption of the seeds is greater when they are soaked in water.

Number of servings: 4-6


300 g of sunflower (soaked in water for 6-8 hours)
1 medium carrot
half a pepper
5 pcs. sun-dried tomatoes
0.5 a. sh. salt
juice of half a lemon
1/4 century sh. cayenne
1/4 century sh. black pepper
1st century sh. a mixture of Italian herbs


we put all the components in a food chopper-combine with an S-shaped blade. Grind until smooth. The spread can be applied on cucumber, zucchini, dried bread.

We eat together with spicy tomato soup!

Spicy tomato soup

1 day. A nutritional program that cleanses the body

Number of servings: 1
Cooking time: 7 min


2 tomatoes
1 cucumber
0.5 avocado
0.5 peppers
2 cloves of garlic
1st century sh. salt
0.5 a. sh. cayenne
alfalfa sprouts for decoration


put all the components in a blender, pour enough water to cover the products - grind everything. When serving, you can put diced tomatoes on the plate and decorate with alfalfa sprouts. If you want the soup to be even richer, add a handful of sunflower seeds soaked in water for several hours to the blender. You can cook with hot water or reheat.

We eat together with sunflower spread!

Broccoli salad with pineapple yogurt
1 day. A nutritional program that cleanses the body
1 day. A nutritional program that cleanses the body
A great combination.. Broccoli is extremely nutritious. To preserve their nutritional value, I recommend preparing them just like this…


1-1.5 cups of chopped broccoli
1/4 zucchini
50-100 g of sunflower sprouts (you can replace with other sprouts)
1/4 pomegranate seeds
1/4 lemon juice
1/2 century sh. salt


Sprinkle the broccoli with lemon juice and salt. Mix well, rub salt into the broccoli to soften it.
Mix the other ingredients together with the broccoli. Except for the pomegranate seeds, which we will sprinkle on the salad.
We make the sauce:
Pineapple yogurt
0.5 slices of pineapple
0.5 avocado
1/4 tsp salt
0.5 tsp cayenne or chili
We grind all the components with a blender to a smooth consistency. Pour yogurt on the prepared vegetables and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds.
! Use "Slim Wella" between meals! in a glass of warm water, mix 1-2 tbsp
If you want more recipes, useful tips and to continue the detoxification program, see here:

At the moment, you can buy nutritional programs in sets together with products from the "Long life" line, which will help your body feel even lighter, healthier and full of energy :) You can find the sets here:

To be healthy and happy :) Beautiful Gum

1 day. A nutritional program that cleanses the body


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