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Collagen - what is it?

Collagen - what is it? Collagen is a naturally synthesized protein in the human body. This protein is one of the most important elements of the skin and makes up...

Collagen - what is it?
Collagen is a naturally synthesized protein in the human body. This protein is one of the most important elements of the skin and makes up over 70% of the skin's mass. Collagen has unique properties that improve skin elasticity, firmness and regeneration. Thanks to its unique physical and chemical properties, the transfer of movement from the tendons is ensured.

Collagen - what is it?

The structure of collagen

Around the age of 25, collagen in the body begins to decrease. Many unpleasant changes appear, especially in the skin. It loses firmness, elasticity and smoothness. The hydration of the skin also decreases, resulting in large and small wrinkles. Doctors, biologists, biotechnologists and cosmetologists have constantly focused on collagen due to its valuable properties and special importance for the proper functioning of the body system.

Until now, collagen forms were mainly extracted from the skin of pigs or cows and fish. This is dangerous because there is a risk of disease transmission (sponge disease, allergies). Collagen from animal skin is a strong mesh, so it cannot penetrate human skin.

Methods for extracting collagen from cow or pig skin and fish skin are chemically aggressive, as very strong acids are used, resulting in an unnatural product. And it damages the organism over time. Ours

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Collagen - what is it?

A plant-based consumer product that can boost collagen production features ingredients that are easily absorbed by the body. It does not contain pathogenic factors.

The benefits of collagen About 75% of our skin is made up of collagen. This protein is vital for the basic structure, proper functioning of skin, bones, cartilage, muscles, tendons, ligaments, tissues and organs.

The aging process, bad eating habits, stress, smoking, pollution and decreased collagen levels affect the health of our joints and skin. Therefore, in order to maintain the effective functioning of the organs and the health of the skin, it is necessary to ensure the necessary level of collagen in the body.

Hair and nails grow faster and more decisively, collagen also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is caused by changes in the skin's collagen fibers. Taking collagen supplements can reverse the effects and keep your skin looking young. There are several types of collagen supplements.

Collagen - what is it?

The very meaning of the word "collagen" says a lot: translated from Greek, "kolla" means glue, "genos" means to make. Collagen seems to glue the cells of tissues and organs together and thus improves their condition and functions. Collagen is vital not only for the skin: it also makes up 53% of the skin. articular cartilage and 27 percent. bones Collagen is necessary for cell renewal, so the body produces it constantly. However, when the aging process begins, collagen production slows down and it loses its properties. It is then that the first wrinkles begin to appear, the skin becomes less and less firm.

skin, hair, nails are the result of the internal state of our body. Due to various reasons, including aging processes, the resulting imbalance in protein synthesis is reflected in "graying", "developing" skin, weak, thinning, brittle hair, discolored, flaking and breaking nails.
Collagen gives firmness to the inner structure of the skin and thus all of us, especially as we age, lack moisture, which causes the skin to dry out. This substance is also good for health: bones, joints, eyes, muscles and the condition of the whole body. A modern, hurried and malnourished person does not receive enough useful substances, so it is recommended to compensate for the lack of collagen in the body with food supplements for those who care about a healthy appearance and well-being. Supplements that stimulate collagen production should be taken for at least 3 months, but the best results are achieved by extending the cycle up to 6 months.

It is important to remember that the use of food supplements alone cannot solve health problems: only a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet - the necessary amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and micro and macro elements ensure harmony in our body.
Stimulate collagen production with food. Collagen - what is it?

To stimulate collagen synthesis, consume as many vitamin C-rich foods as possible: berries, quinces, lemons, strawberries, cherries, currants, blueberries, cranberries, Brussels sprouts, sauerkraut, and green leafy vegetables. Try to eat as many lean proteins and fats as possible with food - beans, lentils, beans, chia, flax seeds, avocados, quinoa. Avoid mate and simple herbal teas, eat as much plant-based food as possible. As many fruits, green leafy vegetables, sprouts as possible. This is an alkaline diet.

Alkaline nutrition recipes can be found in the blog sections of . And in books, nutrition programs. here; Look for printed books in bookstores.

Collagen - what is it?

Collagen can help strengthen hair and promote hair growth.
The nails can become stronger, the white spots should disappear and the nail should maintain a healthy color.
The skin will be less dry and elastic and regain a youthful appearance.
Helps to get rid of age spots on the skin.
Arthritis - joints. Collagen can help reduce arthritis pain as the cartilage repairs itself.
Bones. Collagen is more important than calcium for bones. Collagen helps strengthen bones and reduce the likelihood of them becoming brittle.
Healthy eyes. The cornea of ​​the eye contains collagen, which helps maintain the elasticity of the eye muscles, providing better vision.
Healthy heart. Collagen helps remove plaque from artery walls. At the same time strengthening them.
Muscles. Collagen restores muscle tone, which is linked to cardiovascular health.

Brain health. Cell nutrition to the brain is also supported by collagen. It is important to make sure that your brain is getting collagen. Then your mind is in good shape regardless of age.

Collagen - what is it?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. It is found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system and even tendons. Collagen consists of as many as 19 amino acids, and the main ones are glycine, proline and lysine. It is collagen that helps keep the skin firm and elastic. For joints and tendons, collagen is like glue or a binding agent. Unfortunately, the natural production of collagen slows down as a person ages. It is because of this process that we begin to see and feel the signs of aging - the skin becomes wrinkled and dry, and we feel pain in the joints due to the weakening and diminishing cartilage. The level of collagen decreases due to various bad habits - a diet rich in sugar, smoking, long exposure to the sun, etc.

Collagen - what is it?


  1. Improves skin condition. As we have already mentioned, collagen production slows down as you age and you yourself may notice that the skin becomes "looser", wrinkles appear, and its elasticity decreases. By increasing collagen, we allow cells to regenerate faster, which helps skin look firmer, smoother. Unfortunately, the collagen molecules in such products are usually too large to absorb through the skin. Thus, to experience the true benefits of collagen for the skin, it must be obtained through food or supplements.
  2. Reduces joint pain and degeneration. There is an expression when the legs seem to be wooden and pain is felt when moving. Most often, such sensations are caused by a lack of collagen in the body. With the loss of collagen, the tendons and ligaments are less mobile and this leads to sensations of "wooden" legs, swollen and painful joints. Collagen is a gel-like substance.
  3. Strengthens nails, hair and teeth. Are you tired of brittle and peeling nails? Keep in mind that a lack of collagen is to blame. Collagen protein is the building material of nails, hair and teeth. By increasing the level of collagen in the body, there is a good chance that nails will grow strong and healthy, and hair loss will remain only as a bad memory.
  4. Improves liver function. Collagen is very helpful in cleansing the body of harmful substances, improving blood circulation and keeping the heart healthy.
  5. Protects against cardiovascular diseases. is very important for the organism. Collagen - what is it?

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