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"Healing – alkalizing nutrition". ONE-DAY MENU

Healing - alkalizing nutrition". ONE DAY MENU For those who want and strive to eat healthier, feel easier. Replenish the body with real food. Suitable for people of all ages....

Healing - alkalizing nutrition". ONE DAY MENU

Healing - alkalizing nutrition". ONE DAY MENU

For those who want and strive to eat healthier, feel easier. Replenish the body with real food.

Suitable for people of all ages.

It's not a diet - it's a plant-based diet that has extremely high nutritional value, alkalizes the body, restores, rejuvenates, slims, and is different from diets with low nutritional value.

The goal of alkaline nutrition is to easily cleanse the body of toxins, have beautiful skin, calm and deep sleep, regain energy, lose unnecessary pounds, which are an indicator and consequence of a polluted body.

what kind of people would it be most suitable for?

As I have listed above, it would be suitable for anyone who feels that they want to feel better, have more energy, lose weight in a healthy way, improve the condition of their skin, and in case of more serious health problems.

- what are the main products used during it?

fruits, vegetables, nuts, various cereals, body-warming spices are used during it.

No white flour (replace with oat, seed or nut flour) and very little dark grain-rye flour products. eg buns, baguettes, bread, etc. baked goods.

They especially pollute the intestines, they are products with low nutritional value and a high glycemic index. This means that they raise the level of sugar in the body, which affects the risk of overweight and diabetes.

We refuse; consumption of alcohol in any doses, meat and its products, milk and its products, fried dishes - we replace them with lightly stewed, preferably steamed. We don't drink coffee, we replace it with puerh tea.

We do not use white, refined sugar and its products. We change to honey, raw agave nectar, coconut sugar, birch sugar, we eat dates, figs instead of tart sweets.

Useful; in the morning - warm water with lemon juice, drink green cocktails,

We drink Wormwood tea or use Wormwood capsules, which help to remove rotting and fermenting pollutants from incorrect, acidic nutrition. As many vegetables as possible; leafy, tuberous, fiber- rich foods. Seeds, nuts that should be soaked overnight.

- is it more for those who want to improve their health or lose weight?

both options are fine. And improve health and lose weight.

Most important in the body is the pH of the blood, which ranges from 7.35 to 7.45. As you can see, the fluctuation of blood pH is very small, but even a very small deviation from this norm changes the body's electrochemical processes.

If a person eats healthily - eats natural food and practices a healthy lifestyle - the body easily maintains an optimal pH balance. Unfortunately, the diet of many people today is dominated by refined products: sugar, white bread and white flour products, white rice, unhealthy hydrogenated fats. All these products greatly acidify the body, and in the long run cause health problems and chronic diseases.

What does our body do that it can no longer remove, because the removal capacity of the kidneys, skin, lungs or intestines is no longer sufficient? It creates temporary repositories, terrible pollutant dumps, where waste is temporarily stored so that it can later be removed from the body at the right opportunity.

in this way, the body itself has the materials to restore itself. In this way, unnecessary substances are removed, the body is helped to lose weight naturally (if it is known to be necessary), of course it is necessary to drink enough water, to engage in more active sports activities. You can simply walk a lot and fast, breathing more deeply. Breathing, physical movement and proper nutrition really work wonders. The body receives real food and energy, you will not feel tired or sleepy. The body and blood become stronger.

Restoring the ph naturally eliminates ailments such as increased or decreased blood pressure. Gout disease, which is a consequence of an acidified body, decreases or disappears altogether. Joint ailments, skin problems, etc. may decrease and disappear.

Try it for a day. I would recommend extending it for at least a week.. You can find more information at the end of this text description. Let's start :)

If you want and strive for even better well-being, energy, to clean more, to strengthen the body? "RESTART BOX" is a unique set for you - more informationHERE

Healing - alkalizing nutrition". ONE DAY MENU


We drink a glass of warm (hot) water about 300 ml with lemon juice, a pinch of cayenne, a pinch of salt.

Healing - alkalizing nutrition". ONE DAY MENU

We do exercise - MUST

We drink "DETOX TEA from GRAS SOLE"

why this particular tea?

DETOX TEA - provides even more energy than coffee. And coffee acidifies the body. Parasites, viruses, fungi are very favorable for breeding in an acidic medium. Read about this tea in the reviews section; here;

Healing - alkalizing nutrition". ONE DAY MENU

After exercise we drink a cocktail.

"Healing Cocktail"

Healing - alkalizing nutrition". ONE DAY MENU

Heals, nourishes, alkalizes, strengthens.


½ cup of berries (frozen is fine in the off-season), cranberries are OK

sprig of aloe (narrow leaf), SUITABLE FOR BANANA

2 cm slices of ginger,

0.5 tsp turmeric,

Water to cover 💮

Grind with a blender/cocktail. Such a cocktail is a real medicine for the intestines and stomach, an immunity booster!
Delicious and healthy!

Another extremely nutritious green cocktail "KIVI-vit C for the whole day"

recipe here;

After drinking the cocktail, 40-60 min. we eat a handful of 5-7 pcs. brazil and curry nuts. You can add a bunch of grapes. Nuts are extremely rich and nutritious. So the calories will be enough until lunch..

Healing - alkalizing nutrition". ONE DAY MENU


Healing - alkalizing nutrition". ONE DAY MENU

Millet groats with vegetables

by the way, you can change millet to lentil, black-wild rice, pearl millet. vary :)

~ ingredients ~

1/2 cup millet groats can be changed to quinoa or lentils,

2-3 plum tomatoes,

1/4 orange bell pepper,

1 onion letter,

3-4 pods of sweet peas,

1/4 tsp. sh. salt,

2 tbsp. sh. cold pressed olive oil,

1/4 tsp. sh. crushed black pepper.

~ cooking ~ In the evening, soak millet groats in cold water. Add the soaked grits to the boiling water. Cook for 5-10 minutes. Add chopped vegetables, spices and leave for another 10 minutes. In this way, the vegetables will be pleasantly hot, but not cooked. Sprinkle with black pepper and drizzle with olive oil before serving.


Healing - alkalizing nutrition". ONE DAY MENU

  • They are rich in protein, nicotinic acid, copper, manganese, zinc, starch, contain some fat and fiber, extremely high in potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. A lot of vitamin PP, some B group vitamins, folic acid. Due to the much higher concentration of potassium salts than in other cereals, loose millet porridge is recommended for patients with cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis.
  • Millets contain a lot of starch, so they need to be soaked - then even overweight people will be able to eat these grains. Millet groats contain very little gluten, so they are easily digestible and do not cause any allergic reactions.

Delicious and healthy :)

In the evening, have an apple, prunes, mango as a snack.

Also drink enough fluids. Good, alkaline water is suitable. You can with lemon. If the weather is cool, I would recommend drinking warm water.


Beetroot with sunflower dressing ("sour cream")

Healing - alkalizing nutrition". ONE DAY MENU

This salad is one of my favorites in the cold season, when it is good for strengthening immunity. Beets have been known since ancient times as the perfect vegetable for improving blood quality. Beetroot prepared in this way is very well absorbed by the body during a short "pickling". Beetroot, as a vegetable with beauty and slimming properties, is No. 1 in France!


1 medium green, uncooked beetroot
1/4 lemon juice
0.5 a. sh. salt
1st century sh. honey
1/4 century sh. black pepper
1/4 century sh. cayenne
parsley for sprinkling


Grate the beetroot. We mix with the remaining components. We leave it to "pickle" until we prepare the sunflower cream.

You can find the recipe for sunflower sour cream here:

glasses of sunflower seeds
0.5-1 glass of water
3 years sh. lemon juice
1/2 century sh. salt


We soak sunflowers in water for at least an hour, preferably overnight. We put all the ingredients in a blender-cocktail and grind to a smooth consistency. If you don't have a powerful blender, grind the sunflower in a coffee grinder, then with the rest of the ingredients. You can store sunflower cream in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

If you liked it, you will like even more recipes, tips, practical instructions in the book "Super health " Healing - alkalizing nutrition". ONE DAY MENU you will find a printed book in bookstores.

and " 7-day super detox nutrition program" .

Plant elixirs for your health and well-being

delicious and healthy :)


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