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p> Balanced nutrition plan will help preserve your energy and good health
mood throughout the day, will help you acquire new healthy habits,
can help to lose several unnecessary kilograms!

This cannot be called a diet , as it does not promote starvation in any case
побудяет бросастаться крайности, this is the plan of balanced nutrition with the program
syroedenia, which I have developed specifically for you, so that you can really do it
get pleasure from food that cleanses the body.
This is a unique detox program designed for everyone, as we overload
organism sweets, fried, overcooked, fat and «fast» food, alcohol and
stress, which also strongly pollutes the body. Allow certain periods
Give your body the opportunity to recover, rest from difficult-to-digest food
feel light and regain energy.
I will not try to change all your eating habits, prevent the consumption of any
no matter what your favorite products are, this nutrition plan will simply help you feel better
organism, its needs, listen to it, find new tastes and feel its strength
такая пища has a effect on your organism.
I would like to emphasize that each person has a completely different organism. One
people immediately manage to achieve the desired results, others experience several
ways and devote a lot of time to it. The main thing is to accept yourself as you are
be open to the world and the world, think positively more often, love yourself and
to smile And then you will notice that the world is helping you, and everything is going well.
Therefore, do not think that you will get rid of "x" kilograms in one, three, seven days or a month,
sometimes it takes more time. It is worth knowing about the program developed by me
intended for cleaning, detoxification of the organism, as well as the food value of everyone
the dishes are rich, and the daily meal plan is balanced so that you get the most out of the food
all necessary substances and vitamins.
Also, don't forget that I have indicated everything necessary to prepare for this program
бытовое оборудование, which made baskets of products for every day, which are easy to use
запуку, and also shared information about vegetable food, which is already on its own
itself is sufficiently nutritious and restorative so that it is necessary for
enzymes of the human body.
In this program you will find a meal plan for the whole week, as well as recipes and descriptions,
how to cook them
You can use this plan every month all year round. You will see how it is
легко, и как все меняется!
Just know that our overall goal is detoxification of your body,
improving your mood and higher level of energy!
good luck
Grazina Gum

Grazina Gum

-70% 7-day super detox - nutrition program

- doctor, art expert, founder of raw food bar-restaurant «Raw 42».
Food specialist. Pioner and founder of the raw food movement in Lithuania. С
In 2007, he improved himself and deepened his knowledge and skills in preparation
live food, learned the subtleties of cooking food from US chefs. Ведет курси по
cooking, retreats, lectures on healthy lifestyle. Already 3 years in a row
organizes the Cheese Festival in Lithuania. Leading author's detox program.
She organized meetings with the world-famous pioneer of the raw food movement in the United States
Viktorias Kulvinskas is a Lithuanian, and Viktoria is the author of recipes for green cocktails
Butenko in Lithuania. Izdala bestseller V. Кулвинкас «Как выжить в дватцать первом веке» на
in litovskom yazeki, a new book by Pavel Sebastianovich «About raw food or why cows
predators». She released the first book of recipes for raw food in Lithuania. Currently
launches new projects: "Super Detox diet plan nutrition" and "SRA Super Detox"

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"GraSole" store - Statybininkų st. 1A-108 Vilnius, Lithuania

Savrbu: New Summer Time!

Working hours: I-IV: 10:00-18:00 ( Break 13:00-14:00) V: 10:00-14:00

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Tel no: +370 638 88 999 studija@grasole.com www.grasole.com

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