BODY GLOW SERUM (kūno serumas), 50 ml -
BODY GLOW SERUM (kūno serumas), 50 ml -
BODY GLOW SERUM (kūno serumas), 50 ml -
BODY GLOW SERUM (kūno serumas), 50 ml -
BODY GLOW SERUM (kūno serumas), 50 ml -
BODY GLOW SERUM (kūno serumas), 50 ml -
BODY GLOW SERUM (kūno serumas), 50 ml -
BODY GLOW SERUM (kūno serumas), 50 ml -
BODY GLOW SERUM (kūno serumas), 50 ml -
BODY GLOW SERUM (kūno serumas), 50 ml -
BODY GLOW SERUM (kūno serumas), 50 ml -
BODY GLOW SERUM (kūno serumas), 50 ml -
BODY GLOW SERUM (kūno serumas), 50 ml -
BODY GLOW SERUM (kūno serumas), 50 ml -
BODY GLOW SERUM (kūno serumas), 50 ml -
BODY GLOW SERUM (kūno serumas), 50 ml -
BODY GLOW SERUM (kūno serumas), 50 ml -
Naujiena! Kūno serumas: BODY GLOW 100 % BOTANICAL 50ml - Ilgam Gyvenimui
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BODY GLOW SERUM (body serum), 50 ml

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✔️This is a body serum.
✔️The package contains 50 ml.
✔️To regenerate, tighten, nourish, moisturize dry body skin.
✔️Made only from natural active vegetable oils.

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A luxurious combination of GraSole beauty oils and antioxidants to regenerate, tighten, nourish and moisturize dry body skin.

This serum is 100% plant-based. Created by biochemists, aromatherapists and perfumers. Has the ability to stimulate collagen production. Improves skin elasticity, helps protect against signs of aging and the harmful effects of sunlight.

The unique production process takes several weeks, and this ensures the highest quality serum. The extremely careful plant extraction process allows to preserve more than 55 minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients (biologically active substances), antioxidants, phytoceramides, amino and omega fatty acids valuable for the beauty of the facial skin in each drop of the serum...

This serum is perfect for all skin types for daily use.

How to use: Moisten the skin with water before applying the oil mixture. This way, the oil will be absorbed faster and will not leave a greasy feeling. Suitable before and after sunbathing.

Before use, we recommend performing a sensitivity test - apply a small amount on the skin and wait 10 minutes.


Baobab seed oil – increases skin elasticity and restores skin firmness that decreases with age. Can protect the skin from premature aging, can be used to lighten pigmented skin spots and soften scars.

Carrot oil - contains a lot of antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamins A, E. Improves skin regeneration, restores tone and elasticity to the skin, prevents the formation of wrinkles. Suitable for dry, damaged skin, as it stimulates the production of skin sebum (fat), softens the skin, promotes the growth of healthy cells and strengthens their membrane.

Raspberry seeds oil - it is extremely rich in omega-3 (~30%) and omega-6 (~54%) fatty acids, vitamins E and A. Suitable for sensitive, broken, eczema or psoriasis-affected skin. The oil helps to nourish, soften and soothe the skin. Raspberry seed oil forms a natural lipid barrier and helps maintain skin moisture and give skin elasticity . This oil's protection against UVA and UVB rays is comparable to that of titanium dioxide, as it creates up to SPF 28-50 protection against UVB and SPF 8 protection against UVA sunlight.

Beet seeds oil - has a positive effect on the skin's barrier function, the squalene contained in it protects the skin from drying out, reduces inflammatory processes, neutralizes free radicals, promotes collagen synthesis, protects the skin from harmful environmental effects. Studies have revealed the protective properties of amaranth seeds against UVA rays.

VITAMIN E – antioxidant, moisturizer, conditions the skin.

Vetiver oil – balances hormone activity. Gives firmness and elasticity to skin that has lost moisture. And the smell is soothing, relaxing, restoring strength after nervous exhaustion. Reduces excessive sensitivity to the environment. Strengthens blood circulation, tones the immune system and activates the body's self-defense functions.

Geranium oil - the name comes from the Bulgarian word zdrave , meaning "health". This plant has been used in medicine since time immemorial, and in Bulgaria it is highly valued as an aphrodisiac.

Bergamot (lemon peel) oil - the pleasant, non-irritating aroma of bergamot essential oil can help you relax, overcome insomnia, and calm you down. Bergamot oil is known as one of the most effective oils for overcoming undesirable spiritual and psychological states .

The serum is enriched with polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E.

Ingredients: olive ( Olea europaea ) oil, raspberry ( Rubus Idaeus ) seed oil, carrot ( Daucus carota subsp. sativus ) root oil, sesame (Sesamum indicum ) seed oil, coconut ( Cocos nucifera ) oil, sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seed oil, baobab ( Adansonia digitata L .) seed oil, tocopherol, amaranth ( Amaranthus caudatus L. ) seed oil, rosemary ( Rosmarinus officinalis ) antioxidant extract, pelargonium ( Pelargonium Roseum ) oil, vetiver ( Vetiveria zizanioides ) root oil , citrus bergamia fruit ( lime ) peel oil, anise ( Illicium verum ) fruit extract, mirage / guggul / mukul (Commiphora wightii) gum extract, caprylic (caprylic triglyceride), limonene*, linalool*, geraniol*, citronellol*.

*constituents of essential oils.

Made in Lithuania

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