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Congratulations on your new project!
GraWell- closed group/community!
All about a healthier lifestyle ✅!
I constantly get a lot of questions.. what and how.
I WANT! For you to become a connoisseur of your own health, healthy recipes, detox, discharges for yourself!
That's why I'm creating the group "GRAWELL" - a closed group led by author Gražina Gum. The subscription fee is paid monthly.
🌟Welcoming you - tips on wellness topics according to the season, restoring and maintaining health, detox-discharges, creating and nurturing immunity.
➡️Recipes - from detox juice and smoothie programs 
➡️ super desserts without lactose, without sugar, without gluten.
➡️soups, salads, sauces, main dishes, fermented products, baking bread without yeast, without wheat flour, without gluten. 
➡️Advice - health, detox, immunity.
➡️Format: photos, recipes, video recordings + Live - seasonal wellness topics.
🌟GRAWELL- group starts on November 7!
🌟 Communication will take place on Facebook and Telegram channels. 

To cancel your subscription, write to


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