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Cleansing the body in a simple way!

Cleansing the body in a simple way! Toxins accumulated in the body suppress the activity of various systems and cause a number of ailments. What to do in this case?...

Cleansing the body in a simple way!

Toxins accumulated in the body suppress the activity of various systems and cause a number of ailments.

What to do in this case?

Of course, dietary changes should be taken care of first. Reduce or give up sugar, baked goods made from flour, dairy products, meat, limit alcohol, change coffee to Detox tea and Energy tea .

Drink fiber in the morning. Very good product yea PURA : fibers together with green clay, mottled, Frankincense. Mix in a glass of warm water, drink as a kissel.

In the stomach, the intestines begin to swell, in this way it is cleaned like a sponge. Clay - helps to clean parasites, toxins.

Margainis has a positive effect on the liver, and frankincense-boswellia has a positive effect on the joints! You will find it here :

The next step, of course, is cleansing the body.

Castor oil + lemon + warm water + Energy or detox tea ☕️

You will need castor oil and lemon to cleanse your body.

The active ingredients of castor oil irritate the intestinal receptors, thus stimulating the activity of smooth muscles, facilitating the sliding of intestinal contents, increasing osmotic pressure, fluid from the tissues penetrates into the intestinal lumen and softens undigested food.

Due to this effect, the bowels become loose.

💧 You will need 1 gram of castor oil per kilogram of body weight. So if you weigh 70 kg, you will need 70 g of castor oil. Lemon juice - twice as much.

For example 70 kg person - 140 ml of juice.

💧 Mix the ingredients and drink in one go. If you feel nauseous, you can chew a piece of grapefruit, tangerine, orange or dark raisins. But it is better to spit out the chews.

☕️ to prevent nausea and cleanse the body faster. I highly recommend drinking Energy tea or Detox tea . At least 2-3 cups. You will find here:

🍊 🍋 We don't eat during the day. We drink warm water with lemon and grapefruit juice. If you suffer from reflux, you can only drink warm water. I add a pinch of salt. This way the water absorbs better.

Drink up to 3-4 liters. At least!

🔥 We heat the liver with a heater, on the right side, under the ribs.

1-2 times after 15-30 min. This relaxes the bile and the liver. Bile fluid comes out. An excess of which creates inflammation in the body. This is a great help to the body! You can get rid of various ailments and future diseases.

Attention! Stay home all day. You will walk to the toilet. You may feel weak, tired; you can lie in the bath, sleep, lie down.

Do not eat! If you eat, you will stop the cleansing process and the body will experience discomfort.

If you really want something in the evening, you can eat salad, vegetables, but not much.

What does the doctor say about castor oil? Unique.

The first benefit of castor oil is that it improves the immune system. Castor oil is believed to improve lymph flow, capillary blood flow, and function of other parts of the immune system.

"The use of castor oil significantly increases lymphocyte [production]. Lymphocytes are the main warriors in the fight against bacteria, toxins and other troubles. In addition, by improving the lymphatic system, you help circulation and digestion," says the doctor.

Castor oil also improves blood circulation, especially microcirculation.

After bowel cleansing, you can feel lightness in your body and mind the next day. However, it happens that the body wants to extend the cleansing. Keep going!!!

If you want to learn more about how to clean your body in detail?

How to prepare and continue? You can participate in the online RESTARTAS program.

Here is the post:

FEEL EASY! Joy of life, mood, energy, more creativity and LOVE will appear and return :) You will feel and be healthy-healthy :)

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