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-50% Elektroninė knyga: 7 Days Super Detox Diet Programme (EN)

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This specifically accurate and attentive nutrition plan will stop you suffering from depleting diets with low nutritional value.

 Our aim – to help you easily cleanse your body from toxins, to have beautiful skin, good quality sleep, replenish your energy and lose spare kilograms which can be a consequence of a system contaminated with toxins.

During this programme, you will learn multiple new (and never seen before) meal recipes and you will be pleasantly surprised that such food can be tasty, filling, nutritious and extremely easy to prepare.

New tastes, combinations and everything is delightful.

With regards to preparation, I have listed all of the necessary kitchen appliances and made product baskets for each day that will help you to do your shopping. I have also shared information about plant-based nutrition which contains many nutrients and replenishes enzymes necessary for the human body.

In this programme you will find a one-week nutritional plan and daily recipes.

Our aim – detox of your system, an improvement to your wellbeing and higher energy levels!

The effect of this programme on your system

The small and large intestines excrete not only side products of the digestive process, but also dead cells and tissues which are a product of physical and mental activity. If these products are left inside, they are viscerally causing protein degeneration that increases toxaemia (blood poisoning and acidosis) which results in an increase in systemic acidity. The accumulation of these side products harms our health more than you may think, and that is why cleansing and eliminating them is one of the most important measures to get the positive results.

The human body has so-called good and bad bacteria. Good bacteria thrive in an oxygenated environment. Bad bacteria like cancer cells, infections, viruses, parasites and fungi choose to live in environments with little or no oxygen (anaerobic environments).

This is why it is essential to provide your physiological system with this vital element of oxygen.

Therefore, it is important to restore these enzymes which are depleted when consuming acidic, baked, overcooked, fried, starchy, flour-based and animal-based food.

During this programme, tissues will be replenished with oxygen when consuming alkaline food that is full of enzymes. This 7 day “super detox diet programme” is your pathway to a new level of health and wellbeing. Balanced and carefully chosen 7 day meal recipes will take you, step-by-step, and support you with restoring, rebalancing and rejuvenating your system. They will also increase your energy levels, and form new natural habits of healthier eating and looking after yourself.

Our body is unique. It just needs support to get rid of toxins accumulated over time so it can function naturally and its true needs may be heard again.



I would like to show my appreciation for this programme.

The food is simply fantastic. I strongly dislike beetroot in any shape or form, but I am very happy that I decided to try the soups. I liked them very much and they agreed with me.

As for the rest of the food, I was eating it as if it was gourmet food.


Today is day 8, and I don’t want to stop!

You wrote that it is advised to detox at least once in 3 months. Why so seldom?

I suspect that you eat like this every day.

Laura K.


I feel fantastic!

I have already lost 2 kilos.

2 kilos in 3 days!

Rūta R.




I am currently on this programme with my husband for a third day now...we are both vegetarians, and in summer we often used to make vegan soups and smoothies, and this is why there isn’t much change to our bodies from this programme...

For me personally, the meal portions are too large, so I am sharing them with my husband...we are trying to keep up with the guidelines but due to work this is not always possible...when my husband goes to work with all the containers full of food, it is to my surprise that he likes all of it...and at work he gets inquisitive colleagues and they get to taste it as well...we don’t feel any hunger, but it is difficult not to use bread with salad or soups as we are so used to it...also our sense of smell has improved, so when we are in town passing cafés, our noses can pick up on many is probably better to walk where there is no temptation...without a doubt it is wonderful that time consumed when preparing food has sum up briefly...

Thank you very much,



Super, very super, I will repeat this programme another 3 times in a row because it is truly a super thing and because I want to detox my body and lose weight.





I would like to thank Gražina – I am on this programme for the 5th day. A massive THANKYOU! It is indeed wonderful! It is a great opportunity to start eating raw and even a new stage in life. The meals are very tasty and filling, and to be honest, I can’t even manage dinner :) I feel fantastic. I was interested in healthy eating before, but despite every attempt to manage my cravings for sweets and bakery products while correcting my diet, I had failed. However, this time, everything is simple and easy – without any effort, I don’t even think about sweets :) My body feels lighter, my spine feels straighter, and I feel as if my posture has changed.

Eglė J.

Thank you very much for the programme, the recipes were very interesting and simple! We are really happy that you exist, and give people opportunities to healthier and more beautiful life... this is truly wonderful!

Elena G.


I have taken to this programme very quickly, and I am very pleased with the combinations of Gražina’s recipes, some of them were not new to me, however most of them were a real discovery!  From now on, many of them will stay in my daily diet! Give her a big thank you from me!


This balanced diet plan will help to maintain your energy and good mood
during the whole week, will help you to obtain new healthy habits, and might
even help lose a few extra kilograms!

This diet programme was created by Gražina Gum, a raw vegan diet
specialist from Lithuania
-70% 7 Days Super Detox Diet Programme (EN)
More about author:
Gražina Gum - author, a doctor, a lecturer, a nutrition expert, a herbal / detoxification nutritionist. Since 2007 Independently started to learn about Raw food.
She had two vegetarian / vegan / raw food restaurants in Lithuania.
Creator of "Detox holidays".  
Organized various meetings with famous raw chefs - Viktoria Butenko, Viktoras Kulvinskas. 2012 Grazina Gum's book "Raw Food. Winter Holiday Recipes ". This is the first book of Raw Food Recipes in Lithuania.
Grazina is the author of the "7-day super detox nutrition program",
"The 3-Day Energy Nutrition," and the best-selling 3-day diet program and 3-day cocktail program.

Founder of the bar “Raw 42”.

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